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FREE Body Beast Shaun Week Hybrid


Body Beast Shaun Week Hybrid Workout Schedule


Body Beast Shaun Week Hybrid


My new hybrid workout schedule is HERE – Body Beast Shaun Week Hybrid!


Most of you that have been following me over the years know that I am a big fan of Body Beast given my current goals for muscle hypertrophy to add lean mass, but I am also focused on promoting a low (healthy) body fat percentage and “functional” fitness performance. My experience with Body Beast has been excellent, but from my perspective it is lacking the cardio challenge I would like to see to further build well-rounded, balanced athletic endurance. As such, I have already created popular hybrids with Insanity Max:30 , HAMMER workouts by Sagi from Hammer & Chisel22 Minute Hard Corps and Core De Force. The recent release of the new Shaun Week program exclusively on Beachbody on Demand (BOD) from the inspirational Shaun T provides a great opportunity to add more cardio, speed and functional focus while having fun and learning some new intervals! To date, my Body Beast Max:30 hybrid has been my favorite… until now. I like the Shaun Week workouts even better in a hybrid with Body Beast given the addition of the two resistance-cardio-interval workouts Insane Weights and Ripsanity!


Body Beast Shaun Week Hybrid Deconstructed


Body Beast focuses on strength and mass gain with muscle-specific challenges via dynamic set training using weights, while Shaun Week provides focus on developing speed, cardio and athletic performance leveraging body weight and some dumbbells to drive “conditioning spikes” to elevate heart rates. I really like both programs a lot, to be honest, and after doing all 7 workouts from Shaun Week I have realized that the program would align well in a hybrid format with Body Beast. Shaun T motivation is like no other and the PERFECT complement to Sagi Kalev. This may easily be the most fun hybrid I have created to date. What I love about Sagi’s Body Beast program is that the workouts focus on one or two SPECIFIC muscle groups and force failure to grow (you know, like life in general!) Shaun T also pushes you to fail from a cardio intervals perspective. That is why I was excited to create a Body Beast Shaun Week Hybrid to maximize results for muscle gain with hypertrophy while promoting functional fitness. Beast Up with Insane Focus!!


I am unaware of ANY Body Beast Shaun Week Hybrid workout schedule for these two programs yet (as of mid-June 2017) and certainly none yet that have been vetted from personal experience with EVERY workout on the schedule. I have done that, unlike those “random generator” hybrid schedulers out there that are different every time. In this hybrid all 7 Shaun Week workouts are represented. I have modified the order of the Shaun Week workouts from the order Beachbody released by separating Insane Weights and Ripsanity resistance-based workouts to allow muscle groups more time to recover/grow and avoid overtraining. I also added 25 Abs throughout as doubles along with BEAST: Abs. These two workouts are amazing on their own, but a Body Beast Shaun Week Hybrid of the two allows you to build mass, get ripped and add functional strength and endurance aligned in ONE schedule (while having fun)!



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Thank you for checking out my Body Beast Shaun Week Hybrid!!

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