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The Case Against New Year’s Resolutions


No New Years Resolutions


This is the year. THIS year I resolve, starting on January 1, to maintain my workout schedule, to eat right, to lose “x” number of pounds, to do everything I resolved to do LAST year, and didn’t.


And you won’t again this year either.


Let’s face it – the idea of making resolutions for the new year is close to irresistible. A new year, a new start, a new you.


But it’s just setting yourself for disappointment.


Day one you’re on track. Day two as well. But then day three…it was somebody’s birthday at work, and you had one, ok, two pieces of cake.


Which is all well and good, but then the thought comes into your head…ok, I’ve blown it for this week, I’ll start next week. And this time I mean it.


A year is just too big a picture. Yearly goals are too far out of sight, too far out of reach. So when you fail, you quit. And the cycle will repeat itself.


You can’t look at it as a year’s commitment. It’s a day by day “what am I going to do for myself today” process. So then, if you “slip” on Wednesday (miss your workout, breakdown and eat a box of donuts), you’ve got Thursday to pick yourself up and “correct” whatever happened. (Make up the workout, eat especially clean…)


Daily Resolutions


A year is just too big a picture and only sets you up for failure. Instead, think of your progress one day at a time. Every day, another step closer to your goal.


As Abraham Lincoln said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”


Happy New Year!!


By: Dennis Abrams – TEAM RAGE Contributing Author


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