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  • “With Coach Rage, Nothing is Impossible. I was 49 years old when I started working with Mike Nowak. I’d been doing P90X for a year, had gotten in really good shape, but I still wanted more. My goal was to have a six-pack by the time I was 50. Other people said it was impossible – at my age, they said, there was no way I’d ever get my body fat down low enough to make my abs pop. Other people, though, aren’t Coach Rage. With his guidance and motivation, I hit my goals and exceeded them – when I crossed the 50 year mark, I was in better shape than I was when I was when I was 20 – with the six-pack and 7% body fat to prove it. I couldn’t have done it without him. He’s a great coach and motivator. He’s always there, quick to respond to any questions, always ready to offer advice and encouragement, and happy to do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals and then go beyond them. I know I couldn’t have reached my fitness goals without him. Over the year and a half I’ve worked with him, he’s been my coach, my online workout buddy, and, I’m proud to say, my friend. To get where you want to go, to get the body you’ve always wanted, sign up with Mike! He’s the man.”

Posted by: Dennis  A.

  • “I have known Mike Nowak for several years now, and can honestly say he is a powerhouse in the Team Beachbody Community. Not only is he dedicated to helping others with their fitness, he is a strong team leader and business operator. As a Coach, he is motivating, knowledgeable, and a walking example; he walks the walk as well as talking the talk. When it comes to being a Team Leader and sponsor, he goes out of his way to work with others as a guide, and mentor. I am lucky to have Mike Nowak as part of my Team. I am privileged to call him a friend.”

Posted by: Derek H.

  • “I can’t say enough great things about Mike, or Coach Rage as I like to call him.  He embodies everything a great coach should be.  Mike leads by example and inspires us all with his dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience which he shares with us every day through his posts and emails.  He is a valued partner in our pursuit towards optimum health and fitness.  These qualities are why I chose Mike to be my coach and role model.  I am pleased to say that I now consider Mike a friend.  Rage. Become a Machine!”

Posted by: Rob S.

  • “Thank you so much Mike! I couldn’t have made this huge leap (stay-at-home parent) without you (and the coach business)! You have played a MAJOR part in our new families happiness!!! So many great things! I am settling into a rhythm and excited to get this challenge going! Lots of goals being set and lots of work ahead but will all pay off! Thanks again!”

Posted by: Natalie W.

  • “What a great honor it is to write this for Mike Nowak.  He has done so much to help me these last few months as my Coach!  Mike has a way about him that makes his heart shine.  I know he cares about me and my well being,  just by the way he talks to me and treats me.  I have been able to go to Emerald also as a Coach in just this short time with Mike.  Anyone who is blessed to get Mike in their life, is truly fortunate.”

Posted by: Scott M.

  • “Have you ever been a wits end regarding your weight and to a greater degree your life? As a father of three young boys I realized that being 20lbs overweight and being grossly out of shape.  I was huffing and puffing chasing my two year old around.  Watching late night TV one night I saw the classic P90X infomercial and said what do I have to lose except my gut and love handles.  One week into the program I happened to find Team Rage and Mike Nowak on the Beachbody Message boards.  Mike soon took me under his wing and helped me with the program, motivation, advice and friendship.  He was always there when I had doubts about my ability to complete the program.  He provided me with a true sense of self in that he saw the best in me before I did.  I will always be indebted to him for providing me my health, confidence and a life long friend.  Thank you Mike and Team Rage!”

Posted by: Robb M.

  • “I am very fortunate to have Mike as my sponsor in this business. His direction has made all the difference. Mike and I were coworkers before he retired from his R&D Manager position. He was a very well respected leader and a very young guy who worked up the ranks quickly. Working for Mike, I learned about the importance of managing down rather than up, constantly working on improving yourself, and leading by example. When he announced his retirement at the age of 30 something, I was intrigued and overcome with questions. How is this possible? He’s making money doing something he loves? He’s working for himself? Mike told me multiple times after the announcement, “I did it…there’s no reason you can’t.” I was convinced, and I started out eager to learn. Mike told me exactly what I needed to do. I had some quick success, but at the same time, it wasn’t easy and I had to learn to stay positive, overcome objections, and ignore criticism from friends and family. The Team Rage coach group was incredibly supportive. After our weekly Google hangout calls I would sit back knowing that everyone is having the same difficulties and that I need to improve on this, this and this to have more success. After six months in the business, I attended the coaching Summit in Vegas. Mike went out of his way to really show me a good time, make sure I got the most out of every event, and then showed me how to use the experience to accelerate my business. Not to mention he used his networking skills to get me into all the big parties and trainer photo shoots. With the momentum coming out of Summit I was ready for his 30 Days to Diamond Challenge. This was a month of him pushing me beyond my limits to invite as many people as possible. Mike would spend 7-10 hours per week working with me directly, answering questions, holding me accountable and giving me direction. I was incredibly impressed at how he genuinely cares and invests his own time to mentor your personal and business development. We succeeded. I reached Diamond rank, but I still have years of learning ahead. I am very fortunate to have mike as my mentor and I look forward to our success over the years.”

Posted by: Ryan G. (Coach Sponsor Testimonial)

  • “Hey Mike, Just wanted to shoot over here to say hey to the guy who inspired me to do more.  The beachbody community and programs are what has gotten me to where I am today.  I never would have had the self motivation to stick with it and to push harder every day were it not for you and the group as well as so many others.  Thanks for being an inspirational coach and also for being teacher who leads by example.  I appreciate all the kind words you all have given me.  After a little over a year my transformation has been far more than I could ever have imagined and I cannot wait to see how much farther I can push myself.  Once again, Thank you for all you did and for being the spark I needed to truly light my fitness fire.”

Posted by: Lee G.

  • “Mike – though we have only known each other for just over a year now, honestly, it feels like we could have known each other forever! You are always there to help me along whether that be for my health & fitness journey or support for my coaching business in helping others succeed in their goals. You have always made me feel like you truly care not only about my success in my own journey with health & fitness, but also the success of those I get to help each and every day! When I ask for help, I get it within the same day- which just shows me how much you not only cares about your business, but even more, the success and well being of everyone you meet. While you are not my direct upline coach, you never hesitate to reach out and see if I need anything and make sure that I am happy in this journey! Well, let me share with you – this journey has been amazing for not only me, but my entire family! We have all made big changes in our health and now to see this turning into my true passion and something I am striving to do from home, on my own time, is just a blessing! Thank you for everything you do! I am super excited for the future and feel so grateful that we have met in this journey!”

Posted by: Michelle O.

  • “I wanted to let you know that your daily posts on Facebook make me and my friends improve health wise everyday. It’s been 6 years since I’ve made this transition with health and fitness but to see your leadership, positive influences, and how focused you stay on this path is amazing. Thank you for all that you do for yourself and everyone else. Please don’t ever stop…it’s people like you that gives us all hope and a reason to believe that fitness is the right choice!”

Posted by: H. Kristi

  • “Where to start…my journey with Beachbody started with an infomercial I did not really believe in and now…about 5 years later, it has become the best experience of my life. Not only I was able to get in the best shape of my life, but I also had the chance to meet a wonderful community. There is one person though, who has been shining like a star for me and it is Mike Nowak. Almost ever since I joined Beachbody, Mike was there to support me. He created so many workout groups and was always there to bring up motivation and answer all of my questions. Most recently, Beachbody finally came to Canada, so I was able to sign up as a coach…I can finally pay it forward and help people. Thank God Mike is still here to support me…between Facebook, Beachbody, his Website and even early morning text messages lol he is always willing to help me become a better coach and a good business person!!! Not only I do believe that our team is the best…but I know it is! Once again, thanks a million Mike!!!”

Posted by: Julie B.

  • “Mike is an incredible mentor, knowledgeable, and always ready to help. He’s taught me how to effectively grow my business, and how to become a better mentor to my own coaches. His drive to help others succeed is inspiring! I’m grateful to be a part of his team.”

Posted by: Amanda R.

  • “Mike Nowak has been my sponsor and business Coach since 2010.  In that entire time, Mike’s dedication and support has never wavered.   The thing I tell everyone about Mike is that he is the most consistent person I know. I have always been able to count on Mike no matter the day or time.  He responds quickly, and has always made time for me, even when I knew that he was very busy.  Mike is a professional in every sense of the word.  I can confidently recommend him as either your business or fitness coach. Go Team RAGE!!!”

Posted by: Jeff W.

  • “Before I chose Mike as my coach I floundered around the TBB message boards.  What caught my attention was his progess pictures. Not to mention how inspiring his posts were. I am a person who knows what I wanted from a coach since I had been down the P90X road before.  When I finally decided to work with Mike I told him exactly what I wanted from a coach.  Most coaches would be reluctant about taking me on, but not Mike. He was very pleasant, respectful, and attentive unlike majority of the coaches I’ve come across.  In the short time of knowing Mike I feel I can honestly  say not only is he a good person but he is a GREAT COACH.  He has encouraged me like no other, and I am more passionate about P90X than ever before. It felt like I was his only client, since he made me feel so valued. How can a man be there for so many at one time?  I still have a ways to go, but I know I have good guidance. I would highly recommend him to anybody: He is a genuinely nice guy.”

Posted by: Nenita R.

  • “My journey has been a long slow process. I am one of those former athletes that stayed mostly in shape until graduating from college and starting a full time job. I progressed in my career, got married, and got fat. Sounds pretty similar to a lot of people. In March 2010, I ordered P90X and got a coach assigned to me that reached out immediately. Though I didn’t really use him, Mike Nowak, still checked in regularly. I managed to lose weight and start feeling like I had control. Unfortunately, in 2014 I found myself right back at the weight I started in 2010. I had continued to follow Mike’s journey through his facebook and website, I decided it was once again my turn to take control of my life. Lucky for me, Mike still was active and helping people. Just a few days after ordering P90X3 this time, Mike reached out to me. He invited me to a support/accountability group on facebook and helped me stay focused. Not only does Mike check in daily and help keep you motivated by sharing his daily routine but he also gives back to his team. I couldn’t thank of anyone else I would rather have for a coach. After seeing my progress and usage of the group, Mike, again reached out privately to me about becoming a Team Beachbody Coach. I had watched his story and knew of the benefits he gained. I had thought about doing this four years ago and decided not to; however, we know how that turned out. This time, I said yes! Not only is being a coach fun, I get to help people daily, but I also am way more accountable to myself, my family, and my team. Not to mention still getting the best support from Mike. Mike took me under his wing and helped develop a plan to progress my coaching career quickly. Without his knowledge, skills, and dedication to me, none of my progress would have happened. Sure, I would still be doing my workouts and getting the discount, but I wouldn’t be just a few coaches from Diamond in basically my first month of business. Mike Nowak is truly an amazing coach, person, and someone that I now consider my friend. So here is to you Mike Nowak – THANKS!”

Posted by: JP S.

  • “When I think of “coach” I think of accountability, instruction, encouragement, experience, knowledge and results. Mike brings all of this to his clients. I am enjoying better results and more finely-tuned nutritional balance thanks to him. And, unlike a coach who checks in with you once or twice a week, Mike seems never to take a day off! He is nearly always available for support.”

Posted by: Brian J.

  • “Mike first started coaching me in March 2012. Back then, I was 206 pounds with not much to speak for in muscle. I had tried P90X before with not much in the way of results due to my own lack of commitment. I was ready to try again, but this time, I was able to stick with it 100%, and a big part of that is because Coach Mike Nowak came into my life and supported me every step of the way. Mike is the best coach you could ask for. He will get on your case and keep you accountable if you’re not sticking to your plan. He will help fine tune your goals and get down to the nitty-gritty micronutrients on your nutrition. He will motivate and support you when you’re not at the top of the game. He will respond quickly and consistently, and will always make time for you.I truly count Mike as a blessing in my life. Two years later, and I am now 175 pounds and have become more athletic than I ever thought I could be. I still have goals I want to reach, and I know that Mike will be there with me every step of the way. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done Coach!”

Posted by: Cody H.

  • “Mike is very passionate about keeping in good shape, and really cares about the people he coaches. He is very helpful with any questions I have. He helped me loose 20 Lbs. How cool is that!”

Posted by: David F.

  • “I did 90 days of P90X relying on the books and my own novice sensibilities to guide myself through the program. I wound up gaining only a bit of muscle and losing a bit of fat, but staying basically the same in appearance. I decided to give the program another shot and thought I should write to somebody who could help me to guide me through the process. I wrote Mike a message telling him what I had been doing and showing him my nutritional intake. He gave me new ratios to work with, told me to focus my calories, and what specifically to cut out of my rotation of foods. He also told me how better to read a nutrition label. He gave me the details that were specific to me and missing from the text of the P90X books. It has been three weeks and I’ve lost 8.5 pounds, gained muscle in the process and only have a shred of fat left to lose. I saw a dramatic (and that’s an understatement) improvement from Mike’s help and anybody reading this should definitely join Team Rage.”

Posted by: Patrick C.

  • “I would like thank Mike for all his help and support in helping me achieve my health and fitness goals. Mike has been my Team Beachbody coach since March of 2010 and he helped to to get the most out of P90X, guiding me where I had trouble and pushing me to get better. Everyone on his team is great and the team encourages you all the way to the end. Because of him, I have continued to stay healthy and enjoy hanging out with the Rage Team and Team Beachbody, crushing as many programs as I can. If you are looking to improve your health, drop some weight or get totally ripped, you won’t find a better coach out there. Rage on and Become a Machine like me!”

Posted by: Scott G.

  • “I don’t know what to say; everyone’s been so positive and kind. I’m so grateful that I was introduced to such a supportive team and I don’t know where i’d be without it! Rage on!”

Posted by: Pippa J.

  • “Mike led an awesome fitness club at our company’s gym.  It was a P90X/Insanity workout group, and, somehow, he managed to motivate 14 coworkers to show up and BRING IT every morning at 6:30 am. I started the program with a casual mindset, thinking I would show up if I woke up on time. I was always an active individual, but never actually committed to an actual plan. That changed quickly! I am not sure if it was because Mike was always on time and ready to go, or the fact that he is a machine during the workouts and I needed to catch up. The accountability in the group was huge and we all got hooked. We were reminiscing in the hallways about how close we came to dying, and sending interogating text messages if someone didn’t show up. Soon enough, our group was known around the office as “the insane people doing insane workouts crazy early in the morning.” We were proud of that! Many of us stuck with it for 90 days and saw incredible results. I can honestly say that I was in the best shape of my life. I still rock my Team Rage t-shirt when I work out, and I have been sticking to a fitness plan ever since.  Mike is an awesome coach!”

Posted by: Ryan G. (Health & Fitness Coach Testimonial)

  • “Thank you so much Mike!  You are hands down, the most supportive and motivating coach in the Beachbody system.  Seriously.”

Posted by: Jamie D.

  • “What a great honor to know Coach Mike. He is a huge inspiration to me. Even with a full-time job, raising a family and also a Beachbody Coach you wouldn’t think he’d have no time to answer each and every one of your questions personally. But that’s what he has done. He made the time to get to know me and find out my needs and help answer all my questions. His concern and sincerity shows through and makes me feel as though I’ve always know him. I know if I have any set backs he is there to encourage and get me over my hurdles. I love being part of his Team Rage!”

Posted by: Patrick T.

  • “I would like to take some time and write out what my Beachbody Coach Mike has done for me as a customer and as my business Coach/Sponsor Coach. Mike has helped me achieve my fitness goals by helping me get my nutrition in balance. He was a great support while I was in my transition from eating bad food to making healthy choices and encouraged me to utilize the tools that come with P90X…the P90X nutrition guide book, the Beachbody website tools and most importantly his awesome message board thread TEAM RAGE. Mike provided a multitude of informative articles and personal experience to the thread, and he still does. In regards to my fitness, Mike has helped guide me through 2 rounds of P90X and also 2 rounds of various P90X/Insanity/RevAbs and other Beachbody routines by providing hybrid schedules combining these programs into a very effective schedule. With Mike’s guidance I was able to lose 20 LBS of fat in the 1st round of P90Xand reduce my body fat from 15%-5% in 180 days.I saw that he was able to achieve those results when I met him and with his help, so was I. My experience with Mike as my Beachbody Sponsor Coach: Mike has gone way over and beyond the call of duty in this area. He has helped me in SO many ways it will be hard to list, but I will try. He has guided me through the seemingly simple computer tasks that I was so naive about. The time he took to walk through the basics of computers just showed me that he really did /does care. He has answered my numerous calls to ask questions about the business,even when the answers were in the Beachbody website he still patiently took the time to help me. I have heard the saying; patience is a virtue- if that is true, Mike is truly a virtuous man! Some other things he has done that really stand out are helping me gain the confidence to actually go out and be a Beachbody Coach myself. When I signed up I did so with the mindset to only be a “customer” coach, but with Mike’s constant coaching he has helped me grow my business into a viable home based business with the potential of making this a full time job! Prior to having Mike as a Coach, I had a coach who would very seldom answer my emails let alone take the time to teach me what Mike has taught me over the last 10 months. I not only have a great Coach in Mike, Rage9498, I have a great business partner and a great friend!”

Posted by: Ted D.

  • “Thanks so much for all you’ve done for me Mike. I wouldn’t have had half the success I’ve had if you hadn’t made yourself available to answer every one of my questions, night or day, big or small. You’ve inspired me with your results, motivated me when I was having a bad day and simply impressed me with your professionalism and knowledge on all levels. I truly appreciate all you do.”

Posted by: Charlotte S.

  • “Couldn’t ask for a better coach. An all around great guy who’s always willing to help in anyway possible, whether it be addressing a question/concern or providing motivation and a supportive kick in the pants when needed. I, for one, would not be in the best shape of my life if it were not for Mike’s advice and constant guidance. Not just an outstanding coach, but also a friend. Simply put…Rage is the man!”

Posted by: Damian L.

  • “After completing round 1 of P90X with a less than helpful coach that was assigned to me by Beachbody, I knew I would need some “real” help if I was to continue on my fitness journey. Rage9498 was one of my Beachbody buddies and I already knew about Mike’s success and that he was also a coach from looking into his website. I decided to contact him to ask if he would become my coach for my quest. To cut a long story short, he kindly accepted and immediately I was dialed into Team Rage Challenge with direct access to a wealth of knowledge in Mike Nowak and the Team Rage members who are on the same journey as myself. All I can really say, is that it was like starting all over again. I had a place to go, to not only receive friendly encouragement from team members and my coach, but also lots of guidance. Living in the UK, I was not  sure how the whole process would work with the time difference and everything. But I was soon to learn that this was not going to be any problem. This has been the best thing I have done in a long time, and to know that Mike and my team of friends will stay with me on my journey to help and advise means more than I can say. It’s also nice to know that I too can do the same for them. What a great feeling…..I have to go now as I’m becoming a machine….Rage…….”

Posted by: Jim C. (UK Member of Team Rage)

  • I am excited to start and never look back! I have had a rough year and have suffered from some injuries along with major stress from certain things life threw at me! Although i am still dealing with these things, I had a long discussion with my reflection and turned to the one and only Mike Nowak who has been my coach for quite sometime, but who i have also distanced myself from for the past year. I have had enough of my own excuses and enough of letting myself down. Becoming a coach will help me hold myself responsible and stay on track! I refuse to preach something that I myself have been putting on the back burner. Big THANKS to Mike for always being there when I needed him and for giving me the push I needed to stop living for others and start focusing on me! Can’t wait to start and be happy with the reflection that i gave the long over due pep talk to last night!”

Posted by: Ashley M.

  • “This group is the sh$t. I don’t believe I’ve ever been as committed and diligent with a workout program this long or well in my life. Second, to however good and lean I wanted to look for my trip, I can say without hesitation that I’m the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been. It makes finding those grey hairs in my beard easier to take!”

Posted by: Adam Si.

  • “Mike is a hard working coach that gives fitness trainees the motivation they need to complete their workouts. Without Mike’s help in nutrition, I would’ve never got such good results from my p90x workouts, and man are the results good. Giving the determination needed with the charisma to trust in his word is what I have seen him offer, a lethal combination for anyone who trains. Keep up the good work Mike!”

Posted by: Damion W.

  • “I chose Mike as my coach because he was responsive and informative and had clearly achieved great results with the Beachbody programs. Mike coached me through my first rounds of P90X and Insanity then a hybrid. My results are tremendous! I’ve drop 25 pounds and am back into the pants size I wore 25 years ago. While that would have been worth it right there there’s more! I’ve gotten off my cholesterol and high blood pressure meds! Mike just recently helped me develop a custom hybrid tailored to my new goals!”

Posted by: Rich B.

  • “In early 2010, I did as many Americans do and embarked on the “I’m going to lose weight no matter what this year” plan, which as in years past, I assumed would end up the same as always-seeing me in defeat. But, this year would be different: I had a plan. The plan was Beachbody’s P90X. Start to finish, no holds barred, cut out the bad stuff I so enjoyed (namely beer and pizza), and begin what was to become a lifestyle change. For those of you that don’t know this, P90X is a personal fitness routine, done at your house, over the course of 90 days. It involves all aspects of fitness: weight training, cardiovascular training, and dietary adjustment. It’s rough in the beginning but the results have been fabulous. After the first several days of P90X, I thought I would look into the collective group of “Team” Beachbody, and in doing so ran into my coach and mentor, Mike Nowak (Rage). Mike, and his team, was then with me, and have been, to the present day, which has seen me lose almost 50 pounds, and 13% body fat. Now, nobody’s perfect, and obstacles present themselves to hamper our fitness progression, but Mike has always been there to help “push” me and see me through some of the harder days I have had (injuries, etc). I can honestly say that my results (50 pounds and 13% body fat lost) could not have been possible without Mike’s help. Thank you Mike, and Team Rage for all of your support! Here’s to the future!”

Posted by: Dr. Jason H.

  • “With the motivation and support of Mike and Team Rage, I have achieved results beyond my wildest dreams.  I am stronger, faster,
    leaner….healthier physically, and financially. Team Rage Rocks, and NOW so do I.”

Posted by: Vickie B.

  • “In no uncertain terms, Mike Nowak (Rage) is one of the best out there! He turned me from a fat thirty something to a ripped 39 year old! And then he helped me launch my very own profitable coaching business. His insight is invaluable in terms of exercise, nutrition, and business. Mike is always very prompt when you ask him questions, and he has the memory of an elephant! The guy remembers everything about you in the matter of seconds, which is just amazing knowing the number of people that he helps. Besides all of that, he is a great guy, and a great friend.”

Posted by: Jeff K.

  • “Thanks so much for the knowledge-based articles, the encouragement, the nutrition facts and, most importantly, the motivation and inspiration! It’s a credit to your leadership that so many successful and talented folks have gravitated toward, and have remained connected to your team: Team Rage! I’m proud to be there, too!”

Posted by: Dr. Jim H.

  • “When I first started with Beachbody back in April of 2009, I was kind of lost. I had been an avid exerciser for around 10 years, but was really wanting and needing a push to make it to the next level. I found Mike–or rather, Mike found me–a few months later. With Mike’s direction and support, I have seriously taken my fitness to a whole new level. As a Beachbody Coach, Mike has answered my countless questions, helping me tweak my fitness and nutrition to help me achieve the personal success I have wanted to achieve my whole life. Through email, articles and his thread on the message boards, Mike and Team Rage have helped make me as successful in the areas of fitness and nutrition that I am now. Its not just about fitting into a smaller size and watching the number on the scale go down–Mike helps facilitate a lifestyle change that impacts all areas of one’s life.”

Posted by: Karen O.

  • “Mike and Team Rage have been there all along through my fitness journey. Most recently through P90X3. If you want to be challenged, then Team Rage where you want to be. Mike is on top of any questions with diet, fitness program planning and most recently sponsoring me as a new beachbody coach. Mike is there to answer any question you have. Plus Team Rage is awesome for pushing and challenging to ensure my fitness success. If you want success, join the TEAM!”

Posted by: Joe K.

  • “I was doing decent with Beach Body before I joined Mike and Team Rage. However, ever since I have really taken off. The “family” atmosphere that he set in motion makes it so much easier to be successful. You truly feel like there is a whole heard of others who know what you are going through, and that are right there with you every step of the way. Between his leadership, and the team he has put in place there is nothing I feel I can’t accomplish. He even helped me realize that this former couch spud had it in me to be a Beach Body coach. Without his support and guidance there is no way I could be as successful as I am with my fitness, or with coaching. Thanks Mike!!”

Posted by: Brian R.

  • “Well, my experiences with Coach Mike have been memorable! When I first started my P90X journey I was doubting that the results would come, and my nutrition was all over the place. However, Mike was great at replying to me and being there with any questions I had! There was one time where I was even at a restauraunt and wasn’t sure what to order. I wrote him an email, and he responded right away with the better option and said “bring it!” Not only was it a great feeling to know he was that in tune with making sure I got the best results and nutrition I could get, but he is encouraging to always bring it to be my best! Whether it is P90X, nutrition, or any other aspect Mike is there! Once I completed my first 90 days, and being introduced to the coaching experience, I became a coach with Mike myself! This has been the best journey I could have ever asked to be a part of. Mike saw me post on the message boards and was the first to message me and offer assistance! That will be a message I’m forever grateful for! Not only have I changed my life with my appearance and fitness, financially I am seeing great results as well! Thank you Coach Mike and BeachBody for this awesome opportunity! I SUGGEST ALL TO GET ON BOARD!”

Posted by: Jeremy S.

  • “Mike is a great coach. He has been there every step of the way with whatever I’ve needed, even when I just want to vent about something. He is punctual with answering emails, text messages or phone calls. He is always accessible and is willing to help.  Before I found Mike as a coach, I had a hard time getting my questions answered by others. Mike is a great guy and coach.”

Posted by: Lanny B.

  • “When I first joined Beachbody and started to do the P90X workouts, I had a lot of questions.  I contacted my “automatically assigned” coach and got one email, but never heard from her again.  That all changed when I started my second round of P90X and met Mike, joining his message board thread – TEAM RAGE.  Reading Mike’s story, I realized he had overcome a lot of the same issues I was addressing with my fitness, so I changed coaches to join his team.  Mike has really helped me see some amazing changes through round 2, and he has always been very responsive to my questions, whether workout or nutrition related.  Just recently, he provided me with a new hybrid routine incorporating a number of workouts from different Beachbody programs, with a goal of gaining muscle mass without losing muscle definition.  I’m looking forward to starting this new program and would highly recommend using Mike as your personal Beachbody coach!”

Posted by: Mike C.

  • “I’m here to tell you this program works if you work hard and have a great coach!! Mike has always been there for me with answers to my questions on the workouts or nutrition!! Team Rage and Mike have made a difference in my life. In life we rarely have the experience of something for nothing!! Mike truly wants to help people reach their goals and change their lives!! I was going nowhere on the constant cardio treadmill of life. Mike helped me change that, and proves to me by example on a daily basis that the sky is the limit, if you are willing to work hard, and Fight  Your Inner Voice!! You are worth it and Mike will help you reach your goals, always reach higher and push harder and with Mike as your coach you will see the results you want!! Mike, thanks for everything you are doing for me and the Team!! Thank You for the opportunity of this Business and showing me the clear path I can follow. People come and go in life, You and the people here on the team have made me a better person in all aspects of my life!! Fight That Inner Voice and Become a Machine!!”

Posted by: Brian P.

  • “Have you ever started a journey and felt lost? Felt unsure of where to go or how to get there? Had no one to help or answer questions? Well, that’s how I felt for the first year and a half doing P90X. I wasn’t contacted by my “auto assigned” coach and frankly didn’t even know I had one. Thankfully, Mike (Rage) responded to a question I had asked on the message board and the rest is history. I contacted Mike and we talked about how to get “locked in” to the P90X program to get maximun results. It’s essential to have an ACTIVE coach when performing these programs. The knowledge, motivation, accountability, and friendship were so far above anything I expected. It was like I was invited into this whole new “fitness family” that Mike had created to help people just like myself. It was refreshing to be accepted by everyone with open arms and to know I wasn’t alone in my journey. My questions and experiences were similar to so many other people’s. Needless to say I finished my 90 days of P90X and pushed forward to complete Insanity. With Mike’s guidance I’ve moved on and created a hybrid routine between the two and continue to take my fitness, nutrition, and every day life to a new level. I see no end in sight. I know I would not have had the success with any of the Beachbody programs that I’ve performed without the help of Mike and the team of coaches in Mike’s family. It’s humbling to see my results and the positive feedback I’ve received from friends and family. I’m down over 35 pounds and feel better than when I served in the military and I’m still making progress every day. For me, I’m thankful that I’ve jumped on board with the “Fitness Revolution” created by Team Beachbody. Mike has been a driving factor in my success and progress. The choice was easy for me and it should be for you. I think you know what you need to do.”

Posted by: Paul M.

  • “I just wanna say thanks again for everything that you’ve helped me with through the insanity program…You have been a great coach and an inspiration to look up too.  You , Insanity/P90X program, Team Rage and beach-body team have helped me grow up a lot and just be able to look at myself in the mirror again.  It’s been awhile since I have been able to look in the mirror again and actually smile at how I look. Now after doing the programs, I get compliments up the wall on how I look and just the transformations I’ve done.  And the best is I’m always like thanks but the transformation isn’t done yet.  Today I can honestly say I’m happy with how I look and can’t wait to finish program after program.  I just wanna say thanks again to you and beach body for changing my life and helping me squash all the insecurities that kept me away from the beach and just taking off my shirt in general…I can live life again and breathe in Hawaii finally!  That was my main goal really was stop being insecure about myself and just kind of tear up when I see my body in the mirror…MAHALO!!!”

Posted by: Blake G

  • “My coach, Mike Nowak, has proven to be a great source of motivation and support throughout my fitness journey. I started out with p90x, 2 years and at the time I did not really have a coach since I was using my fathers old team beach body account from several years ago. when I had questions I simply had to ask them in random forums and hope for an answer. Mike helped me out a lot with several questions I posted and since my goals were a lot like his, I made him my coach. Since then he has helped me regarding several questions about p90x and p90x2, but his support and motivation really shone when I began body beast. He helped keep me motivated by constantly praising my success and offering me useful advice through his Facebook groups that helped build a sense of community and boost motivation. I attribute him to much of my success in this program, especially thanks to his advice on how to increase intensity, and improve my workouts with various methods and tools ( like the lifting straps that have greatly improved my workouts). Overall he is a great coach.”

Posted by: Nick B.

  • “Always considered myself somewhat fit, even though have not exercised in years, until one day I noticed in the mirror my midsection was wider than my chest.  I essentially said to myself that I would not have that and was ready to do something about it. I thought about p90x before, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I am always up for a challenge and p90x was just what I needed to get me through the cold winter months here in Nova Scotia.  I gave it 110%, did the portion plan version of the diet and did not faulter from the diet plan by even 1 cracker.  100% dedication and it paid off.  If you are gonna put in the time, you may as well give it your all.  Thanks P90X, Tony and Mike (my coach) for the guidance when I needed it!”
Posted by: Chris M.
  • “Mike – Just wanted you to know I completed P90X a couple of weeks ago.  I had already lost 10 lbs before I started and lost another 15 lbs doing P90X.  My body fat percentage decreased, I’m starting to sport guns and the spare tire has deflated plus I have more energy and feel great!  Overall,  P90X worked for me. Your suggestions were valuable! I’m on the maintenance plan right now but may start another full-up round of P90X in a month or so. Thanks for all your help!”

Posted by: Steve R.

  • “When I first began P90X, I stopped after a few months, I couldn’t get into it. I thought ‘just follow the DVDs’, but this was really difficult, and I LOVE working out. Then I joined Mike N as part of his team, TEAM RAGE…..ok, I like teams. I began posting and reading and PUSHING PLAY. These guys got me through a round of P90X, it was tough, but I loved the people in the group. They were honest, supportive and loving in all ways. This led me to other people who struggled like me, and other people who disliked Yoga X like me! Mike is a huge reason I am where I am at today, without him and his invite, I wouldn’t be here. I love the beach body community, it’s led me to greater people who are just into the fitness and healthy supportive lifestyle. Together we can balance our lives out, together we can reach our goals. –It’s vital to know you are not alone, you wont be convicted if you go an eat donuts all week, people are going to pick you up here in this community and Mike is a beautiful example of that. In fact, I chose to switch coaches just for a change up, and Mike was supportive. Do you all know he STILL supports me today and treats me like one of his students? What a golden guy! He really cares about his team and people who have any interest in nutrition, fitness and life. I’ll vouch for him any day. Thanks Mike!”

Posted by: Emily D.

  • “Mike – I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I am within a few weeks of finishing P90X and the results have been amazing.  I have owned the system since fall of 2009.  My first round with the program, I did it “my way” and did not enjoy the results I am seeing today. After I purchased the program I was not using the Beachbody website and not taking advantage of the resources available to me.  I am really glad that after all this time I met Mike Nowak and we formally developed a relationship.  Sharing your knowledge of the program, experiences, suggestions regarding nutrition and with the integration of Shakeology and other supplements have made a big difference not only in my workouts, but in my life. I travel extensively on business between multiple time zones and have more energy at 38 years of age than I did when I was in college. The reason I have been enjoyed the success with the program this time around nearly two years later is because of you.  I am glad we have become friends, are coaches together and look forward to the future every day. In friendship always.”

Posted by: Mark K.

  • “By the end of October 2008 I weighed 308 pounds at 6’01”!!! Size jeans 44… Thats when I came across P90X and a fews weeks in the program I dug out team RAGE and after seeing how active coach Mike was in the forum I decided to contact him. 10 months later after hard work, commitment and good advice and nutrition tips I weighed 220 pounds (88 pounds for those that can’t do the math..) and dropped at size jeans 35. BF% from 40+% to approximately 20%. It could have been even better if I heard Mike and started eating MORE! Dont be afraid to eat MORE! Just follow his guidelines and you are set to succeed. If you have got the will that is. Advice alone will get you nowhere. You need to commit. Still work in progress to get at 185 pounds but we will get there! Thanks Mike for the support! Its has been a great journey so far!”

Posted by: Thanos P.

  • ” Upped my calories from 1500 to 2200 and I feel so much better today even after the grueling workouts this morning. I’m hoping to see even more insane results. Thanks everyone for all of your advice and a special thanks to mike, you’re a life saver man! Be a machine everyone, hard work will pay off. I’m living proof of that. When your body says stop, let your mind tell your body to watch this and rage on! When asked on my beachbody challenge submission how my coach helped me along the way, i put, I can honestly say without the help of Team Rage and Mike Nowak, none of what I have accomplished would have been possible.”

Posted by: Logan C.

  • “Mike was extremely helpful when it came to my nutrition and getting me on the right track.  He was also there to make sure I was accountable for my workouts.  He was that little voice in my head when I needed it.”

Posted by: Brian W.

  • “I tried on shorts from last year that did not fit me and guess what?…..they fit!  That in itself was awesome!  I got a compliment yesterday from a relative that said I have lost a lot of weight and look fantastic!  This program is totally working and it is great that others are noticing too!!  I feel great and have more energy to keep up with my 2 yr old son now too!! Thanks to Rage for being a motivational coach and thanks to all my fellow ragers for being motivational and keeping me accountable.  To all the new Ragers stay the course… you will see results if you stay on the diet and keep pushing play!  RAGE ON!!!!”

Posted by: Val E.

  • “What’s up Team Rage?! Guess what as of yesterday I am 1000 days into Beachbody workouts. My journey started Sept 14, 2009. I’ve been with Team Rage for almost that long.  I’m so lucky to be part of this team. You inspire me, motivate me, and kick me in the a$$ when I need it!  Thank you!!!!! Love y’all!”

Posted by: Cindy K.

  • “What can I say about Mike Nowak?  In the four years that he’s been my coach (and friend), he’s encouraged me, pushed me, encouraged me some more, pushed me some more, and then pushed me again and again to go above and beyond what I thought I was capable of doing until today, at 52, I am, by any definition, in better shape today than I was when I was 22; and I’m absolutely positive that after another year of encouragement (and pushing) I’ll be in better shape next year than I am today. I feel most fortunate that he’s become an important part of my life.”

Posted by: Dennis A. (2012)

  • “Mike Nowak has been a great coach in helping me reach my fitness goals.  He is always available for support and has an in depth knowledge to help with answering questions about nutrition and fitness.”

Posted by: Greg F.

  • “I was brand new to the team beachbody community  and Mike showed me the ropes and got my nutrition on point from day 1. I never would have finished my first 90 days and 20 lb loss without the support of Mike and his team. I’m a part of the Team Rage family now and proud! Thanks coach!”

Posted by: William M.

  • “Mike, you have been a great example of how to “BRING IT” in my fitness as well as a business mentor.  I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm and will continue to RAGE and become a MACHINE!!”

Posted by: Tommy E.

  • “I had always seen P90x commercials on TV, and one day, I thought “it’s time to stop making excuses and change my lifestyle,” so I went online, and ordered it.  I was very optimistic, and charged through the workouts, keeping excellent nutrition, never missing a single day.  However, at the end of 90 days, though I had lost alot of weight, I didn’t end up reaching my goals.  I thought “what’s going on?  I track my nutrition, never cheat, and bring my intensity to the workout every day, never missing one.  Why didn’t this work?”  Well, I had always heard Tony say throughout the workouts, “go to the Teambeachbody website, and get help if you’re confused” but I had thought that I didn’t need other people’s help, I could do this myself.  Boy was that wrong, I realized that I had been struggling with figuring out my nutrition, and the best ways to achieve my goals.  I logged onto, and was assigned a coach, but my coach really wasn’t helpful, and wasn’t even experienced in what I was trying to do.  After searching for answers on the message boards, and sending out some posts of my own, Mike had seen one of my posts.  In two days of his help, through speedy and straight-to-the-point emails with his advice and answers to my questions, I was on track to finally reach my goals!  He offered his coaching even though I was younger than 18, something many coaches are not willing to do, showing his will to help anyone in need.  After going to his website,, I walked into a virtual “how to workout and eat for dummies” manual, every part of the Beachbody spectrum is organized and outlined, with a section for workouts, nutrition,  the latest blogs from Coach Mike and his team, and lifestyle tips. Anyone who wants to succeed and reach their fitness goals is going to need a good coach, and after weeks of searching for help, and a wasted round of P90x,  it’s my opinion that Mike is one of the best ones out there.  With Mike’s help, you’ll get where you need to go, he is supportive and helpful in all areas of fitness, and not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.(look at a picture of him if you don’t believe me)  So step out of the door on the road to your personal fitness prepared and backed up, you’ll get where you want to get so much quicker, and will have a light to guide you if you lose your way.”

Posted by: Jameson D.

  • “I met Mike Nowak when I purchased P90X 4 years ago. He offered his help and answered any question same day I asked.  He is very encouraging and u can see he does what he teaches.  I became a Coach recently and Mike is just a constant presence.  Helping me with every question and motivating me to do the best for myself and my clients.”

Posted by: Widalys R.

  • “I joined beach body for the support to help me finish P90x and for this being my 3rd try at it I defiantly wanted to finish with results. I signed up and it was easy and the help has been great. I found my Coach Mike Nowak and he’s been helping me through it. Any questions that I have I just ask him and he gets back to me with helpful tips and motivation. With Coach Mike in my corner I know I’ll finish P90x with the results that I want. THANKS MIKE!”

Posted by: Michael C.

  • “Mike has a positive out-look on everything.  He is very upbeat, encouraging, and really pushes you to strive to do your best.  A simple post, or comment about your workout, really goes a long way.  When I don’t feel like “pushing play,” he’s that voice in the back of my head that gets me to do so.  And I appreciate that.”

Posted by: Brian H.

  • “As much as the beachbody programs are designed for at home, self-directed fitness, the aspect of the “coach” is an invaluable tool.  To have a knowledgeable “someone” that is facing, or has faced, the same obstacles readily available to provide guidance is the icing on the cake. Mike Nowak has helped me push through with advice, guidance, encouragement and praise….I started with being lean and mean” with p90x in sping 2011 and now and on the home stretch to becoming a “BEAST” with Body Beast….no limits…..whatever it takes…push play and take control of your body.”

Posted by: Chris Mac.

  • “Being taken under Mike’s wing, at first I did not know what to expect but as the weeks go by I can truly say that I am appreciative for what he’s doing. The group that he has formed is very helpful and everyone looks out, support and assists eachother one to another. Mike has really been an outlet to me and I feel that he would be the perfect support system to anyone who have clear goals and ambitions.”

Posted by: Hannah K.

  • “I have been a beachbody fanatic for almost 3 years now. I went through P90x and insanity. With both programs I lost weight and put on some muscle. When I heard about Body Beast I thought this is for me. I loved the other programs but knew that I was not getting the full amount out of the beachbody programs. That is when I decided I needed a coach before going into the Body Beast program. When I first talked to Mike he asked me what I wanted to get out of the program. He then helped me develop a diet program and select the body beast program that was best suited for my goals. He introduced me to a group of people just like me, who were starting the body beast program. The group helped to further motivate me and allowed me to see I was not the only person who had good and bad days. I was able to see the results they were getting and get tips on how to maximize my body beast results. 90 days later I have seen the biggest change in my body. I have packed on several pounds of muscle and people comment on how my upper body has grown. I could not have done it without Mike’s help. If you are looking for someone to help you with your fitness goals, then Mike is your man. Thank you Mike for putting me on the right path for my ideal beach body!”

Posted by: Dalton B.

  • “Mike has been an inspiration and is one of those people that has pushed me to do more and push harder for the results I wanted to achieve. When I said that I was going to win the Beachbody Challenge monthly contest, he did not think I was over reaching or arrogant but encouraged me to continue until I reach that goal. Now he continues to prod me to set new goals to achieve and works to motivate me to achieve them.”

Posted by: Randy O.

  • “I’m writing on behalf of coach Mike Nowak. He has been a pleasure to work with whenever I needed help he’s been there for me always positive and helpful.”

Posted by: Richard P.

  • “Thanks for inspiring us daily with your workout routines and healthy eating habits!”

Posted by: Kristi H.

  • “Sigh….Ok I am new to this before and during and after thing. But this amazing thing hapenned to me this am. First thing in my mind was they gotta see this. So I was in the bathroom (no top on) eyes half closed. The only thing I wanted was to crawl back in bed and pretend I didnt have to go to work. And then, walking away from the mirror , I went, wait. Wha….WHAT???? Not having seen this before, my first reactionwas to think, omg is this fat? I looked closer. This looks like abs! Before throwing a party inside me, I thought of my before. I was huge 2 years ago when my twins were 18 months old in the first picture. I cried. 3,5 years of stubbornly peristent belly fat decided to start visibly losing ground within 12 days of to the point nutrition and consistent workouts with Mike Nowak‘s hybrid of Body Beast and Insanity Max Out 30…..Sure, I had a good base built having been working with beachbody all this time, during which I have woken up before sunrise, cried, sworn, almost puked during a workout…but this is only the second time in my life at age 39 that I am a soldier with consistency both in workouts and nutrition. Last time was 10 years ago and I reached a body fat of 16%. This second journey started September 27 2014. Nutrition change made a huge difference these two weeks. And also this intense hybrid I am absolutely loving so far. I’ll admit I lost my way more than once. But I am determined to get to the end of this. Well, there really is no end to this. I know I have a long way to go and I’ll never look the way fitness models do, but I want to be the best version of me. It moved me to think how much support and interest I have enjoyed here…Thank you. All of you….dont; laugh but eventhough I live three flights away from you, I feel ur family to me and understand my needs better than others. Thnx! We will enjoy the rest of this journey together! Sorry for being wordy… I needed to say this. Dont forget to encourage, inspire, motivate. I know I will!”

Posted by: Niki T. (Greece)

  • “I am so excited to be part of this awesome team – the inspiration you all are providing is really helping me to push myself better than I ever have before! I’d been out a while with some medical issues that dissolved to lethargy. February brought a decision to try Ultimate Reset to detox, then Shakeology – then Mike accepted me to the team (talk about a results maker!) and I’ve been unstoppable since! I started workouts with TurboFire, but returned to my first love – Insanity – 3 days ago. Nothing will stand in my way now.”

Posted by: Lorie W.

  • “Special shout out. Since January I’ve dropped 2 pant sizes! Anyone can find 45 min in their day at home to exercise, I highly recommend this program! Mike Nowak is an awesome Beachbody Coach if anyone is interested.”

Posted by: Rob H.

  • “5 years ago,I started on the journey of trying to get healthy. I listened to a buddy of mine who suggested a little family called and also a somewhat now famous little work out program called P90X. After being out of shape, unhealthy and let’s be honest….just plain fat, I was skeptical to say the least. My goal back then for getting in shape was to wear a tee shirt and feel comfortable and not worry about my man boobs and love handles. I often wondered what it would be like to not have to wear a tight muscle shirt underneath a tee shirt. Fast forward 5 years and 65 pounds lighter….being healthy is so much more than the white tee shirt with no muscle shirt underneath. It is about what I choose to put in my body, that feeds me. That truly fuels performance. Never in a million years did I think I would have pecs, abs or even defined arms. Not to mention the 4% body fat (I was 25.2 when I started). Don’t get me wrong 4 days a week every week for 5 years and weighing and measuring everything I ate, was a huge commitment. People often ask, what diet are you on, I quickly correct them and say it is a life style change and not a diet. Once I convinced myself this is what it is, the rest seemed to fall into place. Seeing results didn’t hurt either. So on my 5 year anniversary, I thank the community of, Mike Nowak and others who have supported me on this journey! Without hard work, dedication and the support, I would not be where I am today! Much love! What are your goals peeps? If I can reach mine, you surely can reach yours!”

Posted by: Barry O.

  • “Thank you so much coach Mike Nowak for starting me on my fitness journey. Nothing could have prepared me for what a joy it has brought to my life. You are a amazing coach and person.”

Posted by: Lee G. (2013)

  • “Without your help and a lot of push from you and my fellow RAGERS to stand on my OWN two feet this would have taken me much longer. A BIG SHOUT OUT to Coach Mike Nowak!”

Posted by: Gordon W.

Posted by: Yvette D.

  • “Somebody showed me your page about month ago. Saying how you have been going hard with the workouts and nutrition. I know you motivate a lot of people. That’s what’s up man – thank you!”

Posted by: Mitch M.

  • “I have just recently started P90x and am looking to change my lifestyle into a healthy one!  I was in search of a Beachbody coach.  I have only been in contact with Mike a few days now but the amount of motivation and knowledge he has shared with me is incredible.  I believe he is the person I’ve been looking for to help me buckle down and really stick with it!”

Posted by: Drew A.

  • “What can I say about Mike and Team Rage? I was introduced to p90x by my husband, and because I knew he’d had such amazing support and guidance from Mike Nowak and his team, I asked him to put a word in for me to see if I could become a member too. And what can I say; I haven’t looked back since. I know 100% that I wouldn’t have been able to get where I am now without the daily support from everyone on the team, and I know how lucky I am to have such an inspirational coach in Mike. His knowledge and experience are first rate, and he genuinely cares for everyone on his team.There were many points in my first round when I could have given up the diet plan (I LOVE my carbs – a bit too much ;-)) or skipped days of workouts, but with the encouragement from the team and from Mike, I pushed through and I’m so proud of how far I’ve managed to progress and push myself with his help. I’ve nearly finished my second round of p90x, and am really looking forward to starting x2 (little bit scared, but I now know that I can do it!). Thank you so much Mike for being such an inspiration, and for being such an awesome coach!”

Posted by: Pippa C.

  • “I feel very lucky to be a part of Mike’s team. He’s been very helpful and supportive in my growth as a beach body coach. I believe what sets him apart is his dedication. He tirelessly keeps his team up-to-date on news, while continuing to motivate us to want to succeed within our own businesses. With the amount of time he gives each of us, I wonder when he has time to sleep. I never feel like he’s to busy which really is remarkable in a world where you are typically “just a number.” Thank you for helping me want more and seek it!”

Posted by: Myrza C.

  • “Thank you Mike Nowak for including me (in your private challenge group) and creating a informative website!”

Posted by: Tony A.

  • “Thanks for your reviews on the Beachbody workouts. I’ve found them to be really helpful and eye-opening!”

Posted by: Joe M.

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike for his help and guidance. I had completed P90X when I met Mike online via his website. He suggested the Body Beast program to help me reach my fitness goals. I just started my second round. Mike put me in his online challenge group which helps motivate and hold me accountable. It’s great to be able to communicate with other people who are working out with the same programs. Mike is always available to answer questions as well as provide support and motivation. Thanks Mike!”

Posted by: Jim C.

  • “Ok I made it through my first Focus T25 workout, I did it, I can’t believe it, I had to modify sometimes but was still able to push myself and complete the workout. I am super proud of myself. Thanks to the best beachbody coach ever Mike Nowak for pushing me to stay committed and work toward achieving my goals.”

Posted by: Cassandra L.

  • “Mike’s unflagging support and enthusiasm helped to guide me through T 25 – without looking back – at aged 60!”

Posted by: Liz H.

  • “I stumbled upon Mike’s website,, while looking for information about Focus T25. Reaching out to Mike via his site was one of the best things I’ve done for my fitness journey. Mike’s guidance and support, exercise and diet advice, and his positive, upbeat, and encouraging attitude have helped steer me toward achieving my fitness goals. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Mike, and to be part of Team Rage!”

Posted by: Tara B.

  • “My fitness journey started a little over three years ago shortly before turning 58, when I realized that normal activities left me short of breath. I wasn’t heavy (about 155 pounds), but just didn’t have my ‘youthful’ stamina. My 22 year old son mentioned P90X. I began my fitness journey with Power 90 and have progressed through Power 90 Master series, P90X, RevAbs, some Insanity, and just started Focus T25 Beta Cycle. All I can say is that at 61 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m now 138 lbs and am developing a 6-pack. Thank you Mike Nowak and Team Rage. I can do it, you can do it . . . Decide . . . Commit . . . Succeed.”

Posted by: Jim M.

  • “You deserve praise with the amount of work and effort you put in to helping others. Which is another thing I want to thank you soooooo much, Mike. Today I finished Insanity and it’s so motivational knowing that you have someone behind you for advice and motivation, even with the Facebook page the other members are amazing couldn’t be happier!”

Posted by: Padraig (UK)

  • “I have known Mike for several years and I am excited to write this Testimonial. I have known Mike to demonstrate integrity and has never failed to deliver on what he has promised. I am happy not only to call Mike a colleague in fitness but truly a friend. His knowledge of fitness and nutrition is vast and he constantly is working to increase that knowledge. Mike has been an inspiration to me as well as others. I know that I can call on Mike to help me through rough spots in my journey and he is the epitomy of a giver with no thought of return. My suggestion is to grab onto Mike, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey and let him help you. Onward and Upward and RAGE ON!!”

Posted by: Jay F.

  • “No matter which BeachBody program you choose, Mike is there every step of the way for support and motivation. Combined with his knowledge and years of first hand experience with each program, be prepared to “Become a Machine!”

Posted by: Josh R.

  • I just have to tell you that I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED your review of P90X3.  I have never read a more thorough and complete review of any workout program ever.  I really appreciate the time, organization, dedication and care it must have taken you to pull all of that information together. I thought it was great!  I would love to be a coach like you some day.  I would love to have a website and turn this coaching into a truly sustainable business.  Your website is the best coach website I have reviewed. GREAT JOB!

    Thanks for the inspiration!”

Posted by: Jenn R.

  • “I am nearing the end of my first round of P90X. I will admit I had my doubts about seeing any changes but I was wrong. I was really blessed to come into contact with Mike. He has kept me motivated to keep pushing through even when I didn’t feel like working out. I am really happy with my results so far and feel 100 times better! Mike is the best coach you’re going to find!”

Posted by: Drew A.

  • “They say things happen and they force you to look at things in a different light. I got to thinking about a few things and just wanted to personally say thanks. If you were to ask anyone one thing about me, they would tell you that 95% of the time I’m smiling..Pretty much just getting through the day and trying to stay as invisible as possible. Well, things started to change just a bit since I started team beachbody about 3 months or so ago. In the last few weeks, I have literally seen the extra weight melt off and I am really liking the energy I have acquired and I have been muscular but I wanted tone and I finally got it!!!! My coach Mike Nowak is awesome. Always encouraging and sending me bits of inspiration and checking in to see how things are going. He makes you feel like a person and not just a key code at a gym. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your input, comments and support. Because your heart is in it!!!! I have strived so much harder with my fitness since joining Team Rage…Not sure if this will sound stupid but I didn’t like myself for a LONG time and EVERYTHING has changed…When I think that I cant run that last mile or do that next squat because Life is tough…Well I just change the tune on my iPod to the Redlight King “Born to Rise” and I think of my new friends and push it till the job gets done…”

Posted by: Bonnie W.

  • “Mike, it was great meeting you (at the Team Beachbody Coach Summit). You are a fantastic mentor and a truly caring individual!”

Posted by: Tom H.

  • “I was diagnosed with PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome with out fail i have gained weight over the past year and couldn’t take any meds that would help me with my weight or my cysts. So after i hurt my knee, I stopped eating healthy and stopped drinking shakeology for 2 months. Now i restarted with PiYo and shakeology i have lost 4 lbs so far and i had an ultra sound on my ovaries and my doctor has informed me that my PCOS is going away. I am so happy. I believe i owe it to shakeology because that’s really the only thing i have changed, plus my exercise. A very big thank you to Mike Nowak for pushing me and checking in on me to keep me going and not giving up. Dig deep and push hard guys, cause ypu can do this, we can do this. – feeling determined!”

Posted by: K.C. L.

  • “From 165 where I started Insanity – to have spiked to 235 … only to have perservered through it without being able to do just about anything and work ever so slowly back down so that I am now again in the 170s … man am I happy to see those numbers again. To think you’ve been here with me each laborious step, Mike. Couldn’t have done it without your tips and motivation, texts and emails here and there. :)”

Posted by: Theresa B.

  • Last year I started going to the gym and was looking for information and motivation. Your page is full of a lot of good things. It’s been a long 13 months but my life has changed and I no longer consider my routine a diet, but a lifestyle. If it makes you feel good you impacted myself in a positive way and I really appreciate it! Warmest regards…”

Posted by: Rob M.

  • “We are all in debt to you and the group you created for helping to keep us motivated and moving forward. Cheers.”

Posted by: Bruce F.

  • Thank you Mike Nowak for your desire and commitment in making a difference in the lives of others.”

Posted by: Raveena Y.

  • Feeling great and there has been an added benefit. I am Type II Diabetic, and historically, my blood sugar has been 280+ on any given day. Since I started, my levels have been 130-160 regularly, fasting or post-meal. This is not only something I see in the numbers, but I feel completely awesome! No longer tired all the time, much more alert, etc. etc. Rage on!”

Posted by: Daniel M.

  • “Reviews on the Internet about beachbody products are basically trash (except your reviews and one other site). All other reviews are flushed with superlatives form beachbody coaches with a million ads to buy the program and offer very little solid advice about pro’s and con’s.”

Posted by: John M.

  • A big shout out to Mike for taking the time to explain some basic business fundamentals to me. Thanks, Mike!!”

Posted by: Steve H.

  •  “Thanks Mike Nowak. Thanks for being my mentor and my coach for the past 10 months. Is been a wonderful experience, I lost over 50 lbs and it hasn’t been easy. I had a few health issues, but that didn’t stop me from accomplishing my goals!”

Posted by: Elizabeth O.

  • I have an account on Team Beachbody and an amazing Beachbody coach Mike Nowak that has helped me figure out how to eat, and the nutrition side of things. Ive lost SO much weight already! My body is changing… I feel AMAZING. If you want help, I cant say enough how good it feels to have lost almost 40 lbs already… With a coach that can really get you where you need to be and keep you motivated, and the Beachbody programs that really make the difference, you cant lose!”

Posted by: Michelle L.

  • Mike, excellent material and what a great and inspiring story! Although I have interacted with you for some time, I did not know the background. I love your “Why”! I wish nothing but continued success in your business and family endeavors, you truly deserve it. You have and continue to inspire me to push myself to be the best I can! Awesome!”

Posted by: Daniel M.

  • This is a great group of people and Mike does a great job. I’m not sure how everyone else became a part of this team, but mine was by choice after doing some research on coaches. I transferred coaches to Mike (which was somewhat painful, but well worth it) and to this team because I liked the message he is sending (not all about buying Shakeology and spending money on workout programs). My last coach would post pics of herself nonstop holding up her Shakeology. She seemed all about money spent by me the customer. I understand the need for revenue and that is what the business is about, but I don’t like it shoved in my face constantly. I feel very at home in this group. Well done Mike with your efforts and the message you send to your Ragers!”

Posted by: T.J. H.

  • “I’ve been in network marketing before and I can say hands down you have spent more time helping me in the last four days than I’ve had in combined help in other businesses. I can say with 1 million percent certainty that without your support I wouldn’t have a complete website, a workout video, an interview, an illustrated time line representing my brand and most of all, a perception that this might actually work. So many people say they’ll help their down line and you never hear from them again. Well, something FEELS different now. Thank you.”

Posted by: S&T H.

  • “I had a reminder of what matters this weekend. After being bummed about not meeting my waist measurement goal yet, I went to a wedding on Saturday with family I haven’t seen in about 2 years. It’s a very large family in a small town in southern Mn. Everyone I talked to mentioned how awesome I looked. Every. Single. Person. I was also floored how different I looked in dress-clothes, and how much energy I had on the dance floor with my little girls. My wife (who always says I push myself too hard and am too hard on myself) reminded me that nobody cares that I’ve been struggling to lose the last 1.5 inches on my waist. It reminded me again what goals really matter. I’m still going to attack that last 1.5 inches, but I think I’m more excited that I’ve gone 71 days in a row without missing a workout! Thanks to you for being a killer support, and Mike for your always-helpful encouragement to inspire us all!!!”

Posted by: Dan C.

Posted by: Rich. H.

  • “I’d like to tell you how grateful I am for your guidance throughout all this – my injury and just my fitness journey in general. You and the group are incredibly supportive, and I’m so thankful for that!”

Posted by: Talia G.

  • “I would like to thank everyone for all of their support and encouragement. Before I signed up as a coach with Mike, I tried to complete P90X several times. I used to say I was on the P360X program because that’s the pace I was on. As soon as Mike added me to to this group I was able to complete the program. It was due to the group accountability and encouragement. It is amazing that this this technology paired with Team Beachbody allows people from around the world with common goals to team up and help each other achieve more than they could on their own. In addition to completing P90X , I have completed 21 Day Fix, P90X3 and Body Beast (one week into another round). Tonight I completed my 601st Beachbody workout which was Build Legs. It was my best leg workout ever! I was able to increase the weights on some reps although I had to keep hitting the pause button but I am good with that. Thanks for all of your support!!!”

Posted by: Jim C.

  • “I LOVE your page………I came across it in search of Hard Corp reviews. Your site is informative, useful, and honest!!”

Posted by: Melissa P.

  • “These are by far the most useful Beachbody workout reviews I have ever found, and I find myself returning to them again and again. A very unique idea here, to post data to inform a detailed review of how your body responded to each workout. Thank you! “

Posted by: James D.

  • “I have the greatest coach in the World ….Mike never gave up on me and kept in contact patiently waiting for me to get ready and busy. Thank you so much.”

Posted by: John W.

Posted by: Ivan N.

  • “I would like to thank everyone in TEAM RAGE for their likes on my posts, their encouraging comments and their support. Reading an article about partners in crime-as far as fitness is concerned- I realised how vital everyone’s help has been in my efforts to be consistent with my workouts.. Having a binge eating disorder and very little time working overtime and being a mother of twin 3-year-olds, I can’t even begin to describe how much this group has helped me come out of my shell, and stop the negativity of my feelings and fears of failing in my workouts. And because ungreatfulness is a bottomless pit where nothing stays, no matter how much u try to fill it up, I want to say….THANK YOU RAGERS. Your likes and your every comment is much appreciated. You are a huge help to my journey towards fitness. And you are a big part of it.
    Thank you, Mike Nowak, for this wonderful group.”

Posted by: Niki T.

  • “Feeling grateful for this great group and to Mike Nowak that keeps me on track. Also grateful that thru BOD I can pick and choose and mix up almost any workout.”

Posted by: Rich H.

  • “Thank you Mike for your motivation, inspiration, and for having me as part of your team!”

Posted by: Heather B.

  • “Thanks Mike – It is a pleasure to join the team. As I told Mike, becoming a coach wasn’t something I took lightly. I actually thought about it for a couple of months. After I become a coach, I decided I needed a coach and a team to help me, so I can help others and the team. Knowing if you don’t fit in with the team, success is much harder. I went through many reviews and profiles to find a fit. I came upon Mike and TeamRage. So, I e-mailed Mike. Mike peppered me with questions before saying yes. Actually I’m glad he asked the questions for two reasons. First it opened my eye a little more and directed my focus. Second, it showed me, Mike doesn’t just allow anyone on the team without getting to know them a little first. So Thanks Mike for allowing me this opportunity.”

Posted by: Del B.

  • “First order of business is saying thanks again Mike for inviting me to the group- it’s been a huge help and I don’t know what I would have done without it smile emoticon

Posted by: Helia Z.

  • “Thanks Mike for putting the private support group together and to everyone who posts there. You may not realize it, but every single post encourages me to stay on track. The ups and the downs. It helps me remember I’m not the only one who struggles, that there’s help here when I do, and that the persistence does pay off. I’ve found that this group is PERFECT for getting me past my usual bumps in the road where I beat myself up and quit. I’ve gone farther than I have in a while and stopped beating myself up all because if this group. Looking forward to seeing all your check-ins!”

Posted by: Shawna C.

  • “I just want to say a BIG thank you for all your support & kind words at Team Rage these past couple months!! You are all a true inspiration to me!! I’m not very good with words so all I think that is left to say is will miss you guys while on vacation, but see you in 3 weeks to kick butt again! Thank you so much mike I really do appreciate it . There aren’t many people out there like you!!”

Posted by: Louise L. (U.K. Team member!)

  • “I love this group! I love reading everyones posts and accomplishments. It’s very inspiring.”

Posted by: Julie H.

  • “Mike, many thanks! Not only you are a great source of inspiration but also are always there to answer all of the questions I have to help me on my journey. You always reply really quick and getting to the point on what I want to know. I have the motivation to do my workouts but thanks to your great advice, you are helping me to change my body, lifestyle and specially to achieve all my goals. In short, you are amazing!!!

Posted by: Ivan N.

  • “Usually when I am in no mood for workouts, nothing can get me back on track (other than Mike Nowak). Thank you, Mike! You are a great help and a wonderful human being!”

Posted by: N. T.

  • “I came across Mike’s website while looking for a comprehensive review of Beachbody’s Hammer & Chisel program.  Truly appreciated his unbiased reviews of each workout. quickly became a regular reference source for me, as I quickly saw that Mike is much more than a Beachbody coach – he’s more of a wellness and lifestyle coach.  I have been heavily into fitness (strength training in particular) for more than 20 years, and have used several of the Beachbody programs (P90x, P90x2, Insanity, Body Beast, H&C) throughout the last 6 years or so, weaving in with my own strength training routines, and Mike has become a tremendous resource for me for routine ideas, supplements, and product reviews (not just Beachbody’s). I really value his guidance, encouragement, and opinions!”

Posted by: Curt S.

  • “Round 1 of 21 Day Fix Extreme … DONE! Thank you so much to Mike and the members of this group for your support – especially to a few of you in particular. ❌⭕️ I don’t know that I’d be where I am without you! I’ve been down this road many times in my life, but never with such support!”

Posted by: Crystal F.

  • “I am grateful to my Team Rage brothers and sisters. Appreciate your support. I may not always post but I try to keep up with yours and I find you are all amazing people. I am lucky to be in your acquaintance.”

Posted by: Rich. H.

  • “Thank you so much! You guys are amazing. Mike, you should be proud. You’ve created something wonderful here

Posted by: Robyn A.

  • “Thank you so much!! This is the best I’ve done in 10 years. And you all are helping me so much!! And I love how you post your daily workouts and results too! It’s really awesome how active and encouraging everyone is here!!”

Posted by: Kristina O.

  • “Just wanted to say thank you team for existing. You guys are all so strong and you ROCK, you’re what keeps me motivated and I hope you feel it too!”

Posted by: Helia Z.

  • “It has been a little over a year ago that I was able to meet Mike Nowak and join his amazing team and with his help he has transformed my families life! I quit my state job in LEO and started my own business and have not looked back! Thank you Mike for always believing in me! I competed in August in my first Physique competition and competed for the first time after a 2 year break in Figure. I placed well but more than that, I smashed my personal goals. Then I took 8 weeks to bring in a tighter package for a bigger show and just competed in the Lee Haney Games in Atlanta. I was stoked to do well but again hit my personal goals. The first meal after the show was shakeology! It tasted divine! I can tell you that with the correct nutrition (beachbody and clean eating) and the correct training you can do anything your mind and thoughts have! Shoot for those stars! I am cheering each of you on as you all are helping SO many people feel good no matter what their goals, shapes or ages are! Push hard ragers and lets ROCK !!!!”

Posted by: Natalie W.

  • “I enjoy your private Team Rage challenges. Keep up the hard work, Ragers. I am super proud to be part of such an amazing team! Make today great!!”

Posted by: Randy S.

  • “For the first time since my mom passed I have broken my personal 2 year plateau of 150#.  Ive been as high as 170 and as low as 151 but this week I hit it hard. and it has paid off!!
    Thank u ALL my fellow Ragers for the motivation and drive to fight thru an injury and stay on track. I’m not going to stop till my 5’2 frame is at 18% BF and under 130!!!  There is no quit in me!!!  Thank you, Mike Nowak for inviting me into this fabulous group!  ❤️❤️. I have sustained this lower weight for over a month. I know she would be proud of me for shaking off the depression and becoming healthy and fit again! it is a lot easier to say I am 10# from goal vs a year ago when I was 35# from goal. YES!! Thank you Team Rage Family!!”

Posted by: Victoria D.

  • “Love this group. The enthusiasm keeps me coming back. You couldn’t ask for a better virtual team!! Thanks for keeping us going Mike!!”

Posted by: Randy S.

  • “I have known Mike Nowak for over 5 years now, he got me headed in the right direction with exercise and Team Beachbody products. While I haven’t been active in the group for a couple of years now I’ve always followed him and his posts. As you all can see, this guy knows his stuff, and he is one of the most supportive people that I know.”

Posted by: Rob Le.

  • “This is such a wonderful community to be apart of so much support and people to motivate you along the way! Mike is an amazing coach and you’ll get to where you want to be in no time!”

Posted by: Olivia S.

  • “2 more days of the hybrid then I start round 2.  I’m beyond excited for the next 6 and 12 weeks. Heres what I’m starting with now versus January: 238 vs 255. I’m part of the rage challenge and legacy groups. I wear a HR monitor now and have daily goals of 700 calories. I track everything I eat in myfitnesspal app. I have gotten night binging under control for the first time in my life.. I’m doing an ripper x 3 times a week and can almost finish it! I can do max 30 workouts with competency and envision finishing some of them without maxing out. I look bigger than ever in my life. I see people look at my chest and arms through the day. I’m getting daily comments from my wife. I no longer fear any workout. I have the victory of looking fantastic on a beach vacation for the first time in 15 years. Thanks to Mike Nowak for creating the beast/max30 hybrid that once terrified me, and for inviting me to join Team Rage challenfe group and helping me find my tribe and move closer to my goals. This is the best I’ve ever felt and the incremental things I’ve improved on have given me the confidence and certainty that I am reaching my goals, just a matter of time.”

Posted by: Adam S.

  • “Team Rage is an amazing and supportive community, it’s changed my life!”

Posted by: Debi T.

  • “Thank you for all that you have done for me and many other people as well. You have a gift, and I hope to grow personally to be able to help other people like you do.”

Posted by: Rob L.

  • “Just wanna give Mike Nowak a quick shoutout and say thanks for chatting today and helping direct this journey in the right direction. It’s great to know I’m on the right path and with your help and a few tweaks to my nutrition Im feeling more confident and focused than ever. It means more than you can ever know. Just what I need to be pushing through and succeeding. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Posted by: Patrick S.

  • “I originally joined Mike and Team Rage about 7 years ago when at age 45 was in about the worst shape of my life, but found out about p90x and gave it a shot. Had no idea what I was in for ! Did my best and forgot the rest.. Had it not been for Mike and Team Rage I would have really had a tough time making it through – but I did it, and had some good results!”

Posted by: Scott K.

  • “Special about out to Mike Nowak… you came into my life for a reason!! Thank you for changing my life 😉😉! Thanks to the team for your inspiring posts and great support!!”

Posted by: Traci M.

  • “Yeah!!! I’m so happy and thankful that you reached out to me again. Thank you for that Mike. I truly appreciate you and your constant push. You live a busy life and continue to keep your focus on a healthy lifestyle and encourage everyone to do the same. I still have a long way to go, but am excited to be on this journey and to have a great team to follow.”

Posted by Heather B.

  • “You are a very rare individual, Mike. The leadership, motivation and direction you offer on a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day basis is most likely unmatched by any Beachbody Coach.  It’s very apparent how much this all means to you. Keep doing what you do.”

Posted by: Steven H.

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Premiere 5 Star Diamond Independent Beachbody Coach, CEO and Founder of TEAM RAGE, Mike Nowak Fitness, and How Do I Get Ripped, LLC. You are about to learn how I went from out-of-shape busy dad with significant travel, 2 kids and a wife to losing 20 pounds, 16% body fat and 7" off my waist while getting paid more income from home than my Ph.D. in Science & Engineering. Retired my Ph.D. career to focus on FAMILY & FITNESS!
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