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Insanity Asylum Hybrid Day 8 – PUSH

How Do I Get Ripped? Insanity Asylum Hybrid Day 8 – PUSH – done. Wow, what a workout. Seriously, felt good. I was able to...

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Day 5 Complete – Chest, Shoulders and Arms

How Do I Get Ripped? Day 5 Chest, Shoulders and Arms done! This was the second time doing this workout this week and the performance was...

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Good question, and thank you for asking! I get this question all of the time given my successful results with P90X as well as other...

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Holiday Fitness & Nutrition Strategies

  How Do I Get Ripped?   You enjoy the holidays.   What? Seriously, please let me explain. I subscribe to the discipline of working hard...

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Importance of Goals

  How Do I Get Ripped?   Set GOALS, make them VISIBLE and EXECUTE!     Sounds simple, right? Well let me tell you from experience that...

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Rage. Become a Machine.

More to come each week on fitness and nutrition discipline tips to get you RIPPED… BRING IT!! Enjoy this picture of my xtreme...

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