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Day 10 Complete – Interval X+

How Do I Get Ripped? Day 10 Interval X+ done. Great workout from the P90X+ series. For those that do not know, P90X+ was released after...

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Day 8 Complete – Killer Abs and Plank Punches

How Do I Get Ripped? Day 8 Killer Abs done from the Beachbody One-on-One series. This is a short, but effective ab and core killer....

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Day 7 Complete – Back, Legs and Waist

How Do I Get Ripped? Day 7 Back, Legs and Waist done. This was after 2 more hours of shoveling snow in Minneapolis – Saint Paul....

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Day 2 Complete – P90X One-on-One Ab Ripper X 2

How Do I Get Ripped? Well, today went much better with the 5AM workout (probably had something to do with no Captain Morgan and more...

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How to Increase Results with P90X

How Do I Get Ripped? Enhance muscle confusion… in combination with focused nutrition discipline, of course. Nutrition methodology will be...

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Good question, and thank you for asking! I get this question all of the time given my successful results with P90X as well as other...

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Holiday Fitness & Nutrition Strategies

  How Do I Get Ripped?   You enjoy the holidays.   What? Seriously, please let me explain. I subscribe to the discipline of working hard...

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Rage. Become a Machine.

More to come each week on fitness and nutrition discipline tips to get you RIPPED… BRING IT!! Enjoy this picture of my xtreme...

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