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Preventative maintenance is not just for cars


Not only is preventative maintenance not just for cars, preventative maintenance typically becomes even more important with age. This certainly applies to machines like cars, but what I am talking about here is our bodies – the human machine.

When I was in college, I was considered to be in excellent shape and looked athletic, however, I now realize that my body was not functioning at optimum level. I was highly active in sports, which actually allowed me to eat poorly, reduce sleep and, “work hard, play hard” without much observable consequence. At least I thought. I felt normal, whatever “normal” felt like. Age has confirmed for me though that practicing good habits combined with preventative maintenance is particularly critical for performance. Just like machines. This may focus on fitness, nutrition, proper rest and periodic check-ups to monitor progress and health.

Mayo ClinicEarlier this year I underwent extensive evaluations at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to test for potential heart-related genetic symptoms. I had limited symptoms of chest tightness, but history in the family suggests I should take a closer look. I could have simply ignored the warning signs out of convenience. I chose not too. So, I drove down two consecutive days to Rochester in a snowstorm at 4AM… a 1.5-hour drive each way, each day.

It was two full days of testing and consultation, and certainly not any fun by any stretch of the imagination (although the Mayo Clinic is VERY impressive). Turns out I appear to have normal heart function and even did extremely well in the cardio stress test, but I would not have this peace of mind if I had ignored potential concerns. I invested this time in preventative maintenance to be pro-active in my health, even though my symptoms were limited. With that said, having two young children and a wife at home I want to be here as long as possible and be a healthy Dad for my family. That is also why I am up early getting ready to hit my workout today.

Take care of yourself before you can properly take care of others! Focus on your fitness, nutrition and overall health. Focus on your WHY and what is important to you. Life is precious. Preventative maintenance is not just for cars…

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