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My Lower Back Therapy Strategy Update



Even though I have a life focused on health, fitness and family, the struggle is REAL even for me. Almost one year ago I suffered a serious lower back disc herniation. It was bad. I couldn’t walk due to sciatic pain and my spine was shifted to relieve pressure on my spinal cord. I was crooked. It was some of the most pain I have EVER endured, lower back injuries are no joke. It has been a long road to recovery in the past year, but I have made significant progress. The first 6 months after the injury were brutal for me since I could not workout. It was a mental challenge for me to stay positive. About 5 months ago I added workouts back into the mix and my recovery appeared to accelerate as I was strengthening my back and surrounding muscles. I have also been adding some lower back therapy specifically targeted toward getting those lower back muscles to fire. Although I am not 100%, I feel good about my progress.


Above is a short video I took this morning showing some of the moves I perform at home. I do these 3 times per week after my workout, 4 sets of 8 reps each. Roman chair hyperextension (and variations), stability ball crunch, straight leg deadlift and rocker board air squats. I recently added the rocker board and clearly I have some work to do, it is TOUGH! If you face some downtime due to injury or otherwise, stay positive and confident. Easier said than done, but it WILL get better. I found focusing on my nutrition was critical to stay on track and just doing what you can to stay active.


Please reach out if you need some help using the CONTACT BUTTON BELOW. I have been there. I am still a work in progress!


** Please check with your doc or therapist for appropriate exercises for your specific injuries. This is only what I do after months of recovery from my back injury! **

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