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Health Tips for Busy Stay-at-Home Parents



Last week I discussed HEALTH TIPS FOR A BUSY DAD. Part II this week reviews fitness and nutrition tips for busy stay-at-home parents!


As a stay-at-home parent you have more control over what you eat than you may realize. There are no “lunch meetings” or “business dinners” to attend. There’s no pressure to go out to lunch or for an after-work drink with co-workers, or the temptation of stopping for fast food on your drive home after a long day. However, you are at the mercy of your own willpower both at meal time and at the grocery store. Being a stay-at-home parent is work. Your schedule is undoubtedly busy, but with a little effort you can fit fitness and nutrition in your life. Here’s a few tips to keep you on the right track:


1. Know your eating habits. In particular, know your eating weaknesses and take the necessary preemptive measures. You are at home with your food choices every day, and let’s face it—kids can be a great excuse to eat poorly. You know who you are…


  • Maybe you can’t buy a bag of chips or a box of cookies without polishing them off in one sitting. Don’t keep them in the house. Make an effort to teach your kids healthy snack options, and keep the indulgent foods for birthday parties and special occasions.
  • Maybe you skip meals when you’re too busy. Do your best to keep nutritious food ready to eat so there’s minimal prep time involved, or keep healthy meal-replacement options on hand. I have been using Shakeology for well over a year with amazing results. CLICK HERE FOR A FREE SHAKEOLOGY SAMPLE!!
  • Maybe you cave every time the kids ask for fast food. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you’re tired. These days will happen! Plan in advance. When you cook, make double and freeze half. This way you can keep a few meals ready to defrost when you need them. Your waistline and your wallet will both thank you.


2. Work out when your kids are sleeping. I know—it’s tough to get up in the morning before they do, and when they’re finally(!) napping or asleep for the night it’s so tempting to just take a break yourself. Remember how good you’ll feel after you get in a good workout and get to it! There are lots of great at-home workout programs you can do with very little equipment or expense. Another tip—be ready to work out. Make sure you have on your workout clothes and have the DVD queued up before naptime so you can make the most of it!


3. #2 not an option for you? Be active when your kids are active. Be active with your kids rather than just supervising their play time. Plan activities that keep both you and your kids moving. If you have a baby or toddler, make a walk together part of your daily routine. If your kids are in organized activities, don’t be the parent who waits in the car with a way-too-many-calorie coffee drink and a magazine after dropping your kid off at practice. Go for a jog yourself. Not only will you stay in shape, you’ll be a great example for your kids.


4. Accept variations in your routine. As much as you might like to work out without interruptions, at the ideal time of day for you, your duties as a stay-at-home parent come first. The baby might wake up earlier than expected from a nap. You might have to pick up a sick child from school. These things are unavoidable, but they’re no excuse to not start at all. Do your best—half a workout is better than no workout, and you’ll certainly never finish if you never start. 



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