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Got Healthy?

Perhaps one of the most issues dealing with the majority of people when they begin their health and fitness journey is that of nutrition.

Notice I do not say “Diet” as to me this conveys a temporary solution to what in most instances is a lifelong battle with food.

You cannot fully become fit and healthy until you address the “why” you over eat.  Once you able to change your behavior behind your eating “Why” then and only then can you obtain the results and health you desire.

We’ve all been there before, whether we are an “Emotional Eater” and eat when we’re sad, angry, frustrated or scared.

Perhaps you are a “Bored Eater” and one minute you’re sitting on the couch watching you’re favorite show and the next minute you are eating a giant bowl of ice cream and unsure as to even why.

Too many of us are what I would classify as a “Convenience eater” in that you consume the majority of your nutrition through prepackaged food.  Your food intake is shaped through microwave meals, fast food, drive thrus and foods purchased on the go.

There are few if any homemade meals or whole foods eaten on a daily basis.  These foods are high in fats, sodium, calories and extremely low in fiber and nutritional elements needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Perhaps you are the “Picker” someone who picks food throughout the day and with no planning or structure and your diet varies greatly depending upon what food is in front of you that day.  Did you make the kids lunches for school and ate a couple of cookies or chips while packing?

Once we understand “Why” we are eating we can concentrate on A.) how to stop the behavior and B.) Find a solution that you can live with as a lifestyle and  not for 10 days, two weeks, a month or three.  The goal is to make your nutrition sustainable for a lifetime of success.

Fuel Good

Don’t get scared!  I’m not saying you’ll never be able to have another piece of Birthday Cake or your Aunt Ginny’s homemade apple pie at Thanksgiving.

What I am saying is that the way you look at food needs and must change.  Food should be used as fuel, PERIOD!  Calories in = Calories out and the majority of your food should come from whole foods.  Meals must consist of smaller portions consisting of 5-7 meals a day and drink lots of water!

This means No soda, No White Stuff, No artificial sugar, No Fried Foods, a vegetable and a protein for each meal, reduce sodium and salt.  If you do eat out make it a healthier version of what you would have had or make it a treat for a week of workouts well done.  Honestly think about the meal and whether you deem the meal worthy of eating.

By eliminating processed foods you will see a spike of energy and allowance for you to perform at a higher level both fitness wise and in your daily activities.  This can easily be done by consuming more foods in their raw state.

Plan your meals for each day, the night before and you control what you choose to eat and not let the situation control your food intake.  Did co-workers bring in cupcakes for dessert?  You have your apple or almonds at the ready.  A pizza party for your son’s friend temps you but you ate prior to leaving for the party.

Plan ahead of time to achieve success.  I will plan a weeks worth of meals by cooking quinoa, brown rice, hard boiled eggs, broccoli, carrots, apples, melon, fish, grass fed beef and other meal choices at the ready so everyday it is putting menu choices together for lunch or dinner.  Always pack snacks you can eat on the go whether fruit, nuts, seeds or raisins.

Another helpful approach is to refuse to consume foods after dinner to eliminate bored eating in front of the television or computer.

Eat a nutritious breakfast to provide your body with the needed nutrition to begin the day with energy.

Often times hunger pangs are mistaken for dehydration so make sure you consumer 90-120 ounces of water a day.  Water increases your metabolism and not getting enough will derail your goals.  If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.  Always keep a bottle of water handy.

When people say that they can’t overcome certain foods they usually are uncertain the methods that you can use to succeed.  Hopefully the information provided will give you some helpful ideas and insight on how to set on a lifetime of health and nutrition!


By: Robb Martin – TEAM RAGE Contributing Author

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Premiere 5 Star Diamond Independent Beachbody Coach, CEO and Founder of TEAM RAGE, Mike Nowak Fitness, and How Do I Get Ripped, LLC. You are about to learn how I went from out-of-shape busy dad with significant travel, 2 kids and a wife to losing 20 pounds, 16% body fat and 7" off my waist while getting paid more income from home than my Ph.D. in Science & Engineering. Retired my Ph.D. career to focus on FAMILY & FITNESS!


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