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There’s a New Year Coming…It’s Resolution Time!

By Dennis Abrams – TEAM RAGE

2013 resolutionsI’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions – why not resolve to do what you’re going to do when you decide to do it in the first place?  On the other hand, though, I’m a big believer in committing to one’s goals and aspirations by the simple act of writing them down.  So, in the spirit of the New Year, here are MY fitness resolutions for 2013 which, I hope, might inspire you to come up with and WRITE down some goals of your own.

1.  I resolve to make every workout count – I’m going to go into each one determined to do my best, to improve, to focus on every movement and every exercise, to make every rep count.

2.  I also resolve to keep in mind that not every workout is going to be great, that LeBron James doesn’t have a great game each and every night, that Miguel Cabrera doesn’t hit a home run every game – I’m going to have good days and not so good days, just like everybody else.

3.  I resolve to not obsess on pushing ever bigger and bigger weights.  Sure, I want to go heavier, but not at the expense of form or of making every workout count – I’d rather go a little lighter and do it right then let my ego make all my decisions for me.

4.  But at the same time, I also resolve to push myself to the limit on each and every workout, to avoid complacency and to push myself outside of my comfort zone every time.

5.  I resolve to write down my goals before every workout.  No “lets see what happens.”  I’m going to go in with a plan and get the job done.

6.  And on those days when I don’t get the job done, I resolve to get it done the next time.

7.  I resolve to take rest days.  I’m bad at doing so, and I know I shouldn’t be. No excuses on this one.

8.  I resolve not to compare myself with the guys in the DVDs – they’re younger than I am, they’re full-time workout guys – I’m not.

9.  On the other hand, I do resolve to use them as something to aspire to become – even if I don’t quite make it, it’s the attempt that counts.

10.  I resolve to eat clean 90% of the time and eat what I want to (within reason of course) the other 10%

11.  And I resolve on those days that I do go overboard on food and/or drink, not to worry about it and to eat 100% clean the next couple of days.  It’s all about balance.

12.  I resolve to drink plenty of water.  I have to keep reminding myself to do so, and I need to improve on that. No excuses on this one either.

13.  And lastly and most importantly, I resolve not to beat myself up if I fail to achieve any of the above goals.  I’m human, and I’ll just try again.  Simple as that.

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