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P90X and INSANITY Hybrid Workouts!

How Do I Get Ripped? After completing my first round of P90X, I realized that I was beginning to adapt to the workouts (e.g., reduced...

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Day 56 – 63 Complete !!

How Do I Get Ripped? Day 56 to Day 63 done… Lean Mass Gain Hybrid complete! Excellent results, and I will re-visit Phase 1 while...

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Day 7 Complete – Back, Legs and Waist

How Do I Get Ripped? Day 7 Back, Legs and Waist done. This was after 2 more hours of shoveling snow in Minneapolis – Saint Paul....

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New Hybrid Program – Start Date 12.6.2010

How Do I Get Ripped? Leverage muscle confusion from hybrid workout schedules that I design consistent with my goals! Tomorrow –...

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Importance of Goals

  How Do I Get Ripped?   Set GOALS, make them VISIBLE and EXECUTE!     Sounds simple, right? Well let me tell you from experience that...

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