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The NEW Team Challenge!!

The NEW Team Challenge !!! As many of you know, my team and I have run challenges in the past and they have been SUCCESSFUL, however, I...

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Day 21 Complete – Chest, Shoulders and Arms

How Do I Get Ripped? Day 21 Chest, Shoulders and Arms done. Excellent workout for the day after Christmas. Took Superpump 250 pre-workout...

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Day 20 Complete – Pure Cardio

How Do I Get Ripped? Day 20 INSANITY Pure Cardio done. I hit Pure Cardio Christmas morning before the excitement of the holiday. Great,...

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Day 19 Complete – Back, Legs and Waist

How Do I Get Ripped? Yes, I worked out on Christmas Eve… Day 19 Back, Legs and Waist done. Great workout today and was able to do...

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Day 18 Complete – REST

How Do I Get Ripped? Day 18 rest day done! I enjoy rest days. Rest is critical to success with lean mass gain. Other than that, getting...

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