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P90, Insanity Max:30, 21 Day Fix Extreme Live at Leadership Retreat !


Leadership Retreat 2014


The past few days I have had the honor to attend a very exclusive Team Beachbody Coach Leadership Retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona with around 375 other qualified leaders out of 215,000+ total Coaches in the network. It was an AMAZING experience with new product announcements, live workouts with celebrity trainers and leadership training opportunities. Of course there were parties to celebrate success as well.

Nowak and Husin Leadership Retreat


I am excited for the release of 3 new Beachbody programs coming soon…

  • P90 with Tony Horton (release date September 23rd!)
  • Insanity Max:30 with Shaun T (release date Dec 2014!)
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme with Autumn Calabrese (release date Feb 2, 2015)

We had the exclusive opportunity to experience the first workouts for these programs live at the Leadership event. Here are more details on the new programs, pictures and live video from the workouts. STAY TUNED, more details on the launch of each program coming soon here at!!


P90 with Tony Horton

P90 is a gateway to getting fit regardless of age or fitness level!  Legendary trainer Tony Horton has now created shorter workouts that are simple, doable, and less extreme than his others, but still just as effective.  If a customer hasn’t worked out in a decade, or is just looking to maintain what they’ve got, P90 opens the door for them to see dramatic, visible results in just 90 days-without the pain!  This is the 90-day body transformation for EVERYONE – NOW AVAILABLE!

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Tony Horton P90 Workout

Tony Horton and Mike P90 Workout


Check out live footage from the workout…

I really enjoyed the live P90 workout at the Leadership Retreat including moves from all of the workouts via cardio, resistance and stretch. Of course, Tony was a character as usual, and he had us laughing and sweating by the end. I found some of the moves challenging, but there were modifiers throughout. I am looking forward to doing more of the P90 workouts. This will be a VERY popular program that is a great fit for just about anyone as designed or hybrid with other program. 

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Insanity Max:30 with Shaun T

JUST ANNOUNCED! INSANITY MAX:30 by celebrity trainer, Shaun T, is coming this December 2014. INSANITY MAX:30 will be the hardest 30 minutes of your day. You will be challenged to push harder than ever before, and you will see the best results of your life. With over 150 new moves and sequences, you’ll get killer cardio and tabata strength workouts that will make you push harder and dig deeper, to get the best body of your life in just 30 minutes a day. There’s no equipment needed and a modifier in every workout so anyone can push to their MAX.

Insanity Max:30


How It Works
You’ll max out on your workouts! What does it mean to max out? It means to stop or fail for the first time in the workout. In INSANITY MAX:30, it’s not about getting through all 30 minutes, it’s about going as hard as you can for as long as you can, until you MAX OUT. When you start INSANITY MAX:30, you might only get through the first 5 minutes before you MAX OUT. Just record your MAX OUT time, catch your breath, and continue for as long as you can. Track your MAX OUT times over the course of the program. As long as you MAX OUT, you’ll get MAX RESULTS in 60 days guaranteed!

Shaun T and Mike Max:30 Workout

Shaun T Max:30 Workout

Shaun T Max:30 Workout

Shaun T Max:30 Workout


Check out live footage from the workout…

The live workout for Max:30 was absolutely INSANE. I feel that Max:30 has the INTENSITY of the Insanity program and shorter workout length of T25, best of both worlds for those looking for an EXTREME challenge. Shaun T used the live workout at Leadership as a workshop demonstrating moves from all the workouts. The warmup alone was killer. I really enjoyed the tabata-style block, abs exercises and of course the burped lunge sequence! I will be personally doing this one the second it is released in December. If you are interested in joining me enter your information here to get on the list for a private support group! 


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21 Day Fix Extreme with Autumn Calabrese

The next big thing from celebrity trainer, Autumn Calabrese, is coming February 2015 – introducing 21 Day Fix Extreme! This is how you get seriously shredded in just 21 days. Simple portion control, clean eating, and extreme workouts. There are 7, 30-minute workouts combining steady-state aerobics, resistance training, and explosive power moves that target every muscle in the body-to help you get shredded in a short amount of time.

21 Day Fix Extreme Workout

21 Day Fix Extreme Workout

Check out footage of the live workout here…

I was surprised and excited to see how challenging the live 21 Day Fix Extreme workout was at the event. Autumn pushed us very hard. The workout was 30 minutes and representative of moves found in the different workouts throughout the program. Although many of the moves we performed were designed to leverage weights, it was still a challenge and I am confident that this will be a great program for those looking to ramp results with the new aggressive workouts combined with portion-control nutrition system that made the original 21 Day Fix the #1 product AND #1 infomercial on TV for Beachbody in 2014! 



Nothing like a Sheriffs & Outlaws party to end the Leadership Retreat !!

Sheriffs & Outlaws Party

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