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Leverage Rest and Recovery Mechanisms


How Do I Get Ripped?

Get Your Rest

Get Your Rest!

Proper rest and recovery.

Yes, that is correct. Rest allows you to recover. Rest is just as critical for getting ripped with your fitness program as the actual workouts that push you beyond your comfort zone.  I personally believe that rest can be even more important. Rest and recovery are actually required for your muscles to grow. Rest IS when your muscles grow. If one of your goals is to gain significant lean muscle mass, then one of my typical recommendations is to get even more rest in combination with a well-designed workout schedule, supplements and nutrition. Without adequate rest, your body and muscles will not have a chance to repair, recover and grow. It is especially important to avoid overtraining. Overtraining may actually minimize all of your hard work and do more damage in the process of achieving your goals. Perhaps this is counter-intuitive? That is exactly why well-structured workout schedules such as P90X, Turbofire and INSANITY from Beachbody have rest days and even stretch focus as critical components to the overall program. Get your rest!

Rest not only refers to the workout schedule but also the importance of getting sufficient sleep each night. There are numerous studies that demonstrate the impact of sleep on progress toward your wellness goals. Inadequate sleep may facilitate muscle catabolism (muscle tissue breakdown) versus anabolism (muscle tissue growth). There are studies that also indicate the negative impact of poor sleep on body fat reduction, hinting that a difference of even 30 minutes of extra sleep is significant. Clearly, inadequate sleep may impact your workout performance and general energy levels during the course of the following day. I recommend at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night. Personally, I have noticed a big difference in my energy and performance when I started getting more sleep.

As discussed, rest is important and allows recovery. Recovery mechanisms can be enhanced with proper post-workout nutrition as well. That means muscle repair and growth! I highly recommend P90X Results and Recovery Formula to get the most out of your fitness initiatives. I use it consistently after my workouts and have found enhanced results with the supplement in addition to alleviating the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). P90X Results and Recovery Formula has the recommended carb to protein balance for shuttling protein and nutrients to your muscles when most susceptible immediately following your workout. Recovery in this manner, combined with rest, helps jump start the process of achievement toward your goals. As always, please let me know how I can help. BRING IT!!

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