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Insanity Asylum Volume 2 X-Trainer Review

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Insanity Asylum 2 X-Trainer! Wow. I wanted to test drive Asylum 2 today following Body Beast graduation last week. I selected X-Trainer since most reviews indicate that it may be the most challenging of all Asylum 2 workouts. X-Trainer did not disappoint. After loading up on E&E Energy and Endurance, I pressed play. The workout is approx. 50 minutes in length and consists of essentially four Agility X-Trainer circuits. The moves challenge the total body and the agility ladder is leveraged throughout the workout. To be honest, it may take me a few times with this workout to be able to master some of the agility sequences that involve multiple variations in one set. I felt the warm-up was a bit easy compared to say Vertical Plyo in Insanity Asylum Volume 1, however, it did the job and got me prepared for what was to come. I used 30-lb dumbbells for the compound sets, although I may consider 25-lb dumbbells next time to really focus more on the form and hitting all reps. One of my favorite moves was the sequence of pushups with the agility ladder where you perform 5 pushups followed by 10 seconds plank hold for what I believe was around 4 minutes or so without a break. You start out with hands in the two middle boxes of the ladder and then each set (5 pushups, 10 seconds plank = 1 set) you move your hands wider to other boxes and then back in working your entire upper body, abs and even legs in the process. I was able to make it through the series, which was good. I also enjoyed the mountain climber abs in the seated position as well as the agility ladder abs sequence.

Asylum X-Trainer Review

Asylum X-Trainer Review

Overall I was impressed with the X-Trainer workout and look forward to additional Asylum Volume 2 workouts. I felt that Vertical Plyo from Insanity Asylum Volume 1 is still the hardest workout I have ever done on DVD, but X-Trainer is definitely a challenge. My shirt was soaked with sweat by the end. Good sign! P90X Results and Recovery Formula down. Mid-morning Shakeology accountability – 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology mixed in water with ice to taste. Everyone keep up the good work with the workouts and nutrition. Rage. Become a Machine.

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