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Insanity Asylum Volume 2 Championship Review

Asylum Championship Review

With Shaun T at the Conga Room in LA!

Woah. Insanity Asylum Volume 2 Championship done. The workout was approx. 60 minutes in length and includes SUDDEN DEATH: OVERTIME, which is the Volume 2 fit test. Yes, the fit test is AFTER the Championship workout. This was a killer workout, although I still feel Insanity Asylum Volume 1 is more difficult than Volume 2 (so far). There are less upper body movements in Championship Volume 2 from what I can tell, which means a little less total body workout and less fatigue compared to Volume 1. I do look forward to the rest of the Volume 2 workouts though that should be more challenging with weights.

Anyway, Championship Volume 2 was awesome. It was split up into Track & Field [400m Dash, Stretch, Triple Jump, Agility on Your Mark], Volleyball, Speed Skating, Olympic Weightlifting, Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Football and then Sudden Death Fit Test. Most sports included 4 rounds of progressively more challenging moves. I felt the most challenging by far was the Olympic Weightlifting, which leveraged free weights in a compound series including curls, weighted hop, shoulder press, upright rows and lunge curls. 4 rounds WITHOUT putting the weights down. I used 25-lb dumbbells and it was hard. The most fun I had was with the soccer series where you essentially dive to the side like you are saving a soccer ball as a goalie and then hop up and punch the air before repeating numerous times each side.

I was tired by the time I reached SUDDEN DEATH:Overtime with about 8 minutes left. Sudden Death is the fit test and you have 3 minutes to do as many reps with a tough agility circuit with the ladder. The moves included many speed variations of moving your feet within the ladder rungs, 4 reps of power jumps and 2 pushup to X-Jumps. One of these cycles equals 1 rep. It took me a few reps to really get down the foot work in the ladder but I was able to achieve 8 reps with good form, I think, which I thought was good for the first time. The last few minutes was stretch. Overall, awesome workout. My shirt is soaked with sweat which is always a good sign. P90X Results & Recovery Formula down. Mid-morning Shakeology accountability – Chocolate Vegan mixed in water with ice to taste. Everyone keep up the good work with the workouts and nutrition. Rage. Become a Machine.

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