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Insanity Asylum Hybrid Day 6 – GAME DAY and OVERTIME

How Do I Get Ripped?

Insanity Asylum Hybrid Day 6 – GAME DAY and OVERTIME – done. Wow. Killer end to a very challenging week of hybrid workouts. I am so sore… that means I am doing something right. It is not easy for me to get this sore after years of working out, and I believe muscle confusion through variation is workout schedule is critical. Anyway, by the time I hit the mountain climber series in GAME DAY I was exhausted. I opted for the lat push-up variation for mountain climber instead of pull-ups and was still challenged. I finished strong with the baseball workouts, however, OVERTIME was just cruel after all of the hard work this week. Time for some P90X Recovery Formula followed later by Shakeology protein shake. May enjoy some Captain this evening while grilling steak and sweet corn…  Tomorrow is rest day and then back to the PUSH series Monday. Can’t wait to increase the weights…


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