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Insanity Asylum Hybrid Day 3 – PULL

How Do I Get Ripped?

Okay, here we go, Insanity Asylum Hybrid Day 3 – PULL – done. Man, I woke up with an insane migraine-type headache. No, no alcohol last night. Maybe I should have. Anyway, I was also out of Superpump so this workout was looking challenged from the start. I was able to push through and my numbers were good, for me, but I expect more next time. For warmup I got 26 unassisted wide front pullups. This is a little disappointing since I was cranking out 40 at my peak. I have not been doing as many pullups though so this was to be expected. I should improve here significantly next time, no less than 30. For weighted pullups I ended with 70-lbs strapped to my body. Curls I finished with 55-lb dumbbells (40s for concentration) and then 80s for shoulder shrugs and row. Other movements were uneventful. Finished with hanging knee raise for abs with 15-lbs on each ankle. Overall, took 50 minutes again. After the fact, I feel MUCH better and my headache is gone. Gotta love this lifestyle! Tomorrow is Asylum Vertical Plyo.

Time for P90X Recovery Formula followed by my Shakeology protein smoothie about 45-min later. Everyone keep up the good work and BRING IT today!!

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