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Insanity Asylum Hybrid Day 14 and Day 15 – REST and PUSH

How Do I Get Ripped?

Sunday was Day 14 – REST – and it was good. Today, Insanity Asylum Hybrid Day 15 – PUSH – done. Well, that was a killer workout. I was able to achieve my goal of using the 90-lb dumbbells for flat bench press (last set, 2.5 reps). I think I am reaching my limit though with regard to dumbbell weight I can handle without a spotter. I was able to use 95-lb dumbbells last year, however, I was able to throw the weights down on the ground if needed since I did not have a baby to worry about waking up with the impact. Anyway, what a challenge. Other highlights include 60-lb dumbbells for shoulder press (last set, 2.5 reps). I focused on the 65-70-lb dumbbell range for incline and decline bench press and used slow, controlled form. Just finishing up my P90X Recovery Formula smoothie now. Tomorrow is Asylum Speed and Agility.

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