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Insanity Asylum Day 5 and Day 6 – REST, Speed and Agility

How Do I Get Ripped?

Rest day yesterday, although I also did a quick set of 5 x 5 bench press. INSANITY ASYLUM is not a mass gain program so I wanted to add some more chest work this week. The STRENGTH workout from ASYLUM is a great resistance workout, but limited work on the chest with dumbbells. So anyway, the rest day was much needed otherwise.

Insanity Asylum Day 6 – Speed and Agility – done. This was my second “chance” at Speed and Agility. It was still quite challenging, ha. Love it. My family came down to watch me and I had to re-assure them that I actually AM in pretty good shape and that the first 2 minutes of the warm-up are indeed HARD. Seriously, 2 minutes into the speed rope sequence I was already sweating. Good stuff. I managed to get through the rest of the workout with a few minor breaks but overall it went well. Honestly, I am not certain that it was any easier than Day 1. The constant In-and-Out Ab progression (with mountain climbers) were the most challenging again. The agility bear crawl variations at the end (V-Pushup and Tricep) were still difficult. Tomorrow is STRENGTH. I brought down 30-lb dumbbells for the workout. Overall, I am definitely impressed with the innovative ASYLUM program and look forward to the balance of the 30-day schedule and perhaps 30-day ASYLUM-P90X hybrid afterwards.


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