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Insanity Asylum Day 19 – Game Day AND Overtime

How Do I Get Ripped?

Insanity Asylum Day 19 – GAME DAY and OVERTIME – done. The last time I did GAME DAY it did not involve the added bonus(?) of OVERTIME. GAME DAY alone is 60 minutes and then OVERTIME is another 13 minutes of intense cardio and some resistance, essentially a shorter version of Insanity Fast and Furious. I can see using OVERTIME as a stand-alone on days with limited time to work out or during travel. With that said, I did very well today. I was concerned I would run out of time, as this was the third day this week that I had work meetings at either 6AM or 7AM. Therefore, I had to get up around 4AM to get my workouts done (afternoon / evening is even less attractive with the infant at home!). Compared to last time I completed GAME DAY, I definitely improved with overall performance. The most difficult movements this time were the mountain climber pullup series near the end of the workout. I do really enjoy GAME DAY and will include it for future hybrid programs. The exercises were very effective for swimming, soccer, basketball, track & field, baseball, football, volleyball, surfing etc. Cool stuff. I still felt good going into the OVERTIME workout, however, I started to lose some of my leg strength. The one-legged power jump moves were challenging. The workout ended with lat pull-ups and pushups. I did not have any issues with those. Over the course of the approx 1 hour and 15 minute total workout time, I suspect I did a couple hundred pushups. I know I worked hard today because the light gray shirt was dark gray by the end. I finished with, as usual, P90X Results and Recovery Formula, and later followed with Shakeology smoothie. Tomorrow is Vertical Plyo. DIG DEEP!


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