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Insanity Asylum Day 1 – Speed and Agility

How Do I Get Ripped? 

Day 1 Speed and Agility done. Wow, what a challenge. This one worked me. The new Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility workout combines numerous moves to build your (speed and agility) performance. There are a lot of moves with the speed jump rope and the agility ladder. I had to shorten up the speed jump rope to avoid hitting the ceiling, otherwise no issues. I am a BIG fan of the agility ladder in these workouts. Requires proper form and focus to avoid hitting the ladder. I had to take a few short breaks but fully expect to build up to better performance as my body adjusts, similar to P90X and Insanity. I had the most trouble with the in-and-out ab progression exercises since there were so many of them… typically 20 seconds bringing your feet to the first square of the ladder, 20 seconds to the second square, another 20 seconds to the third square. This is repeated a LOT – on several occasions you do the full 60 seconds in just one square — whichever one you dare to do. Awesome workout, although working out at 4:30AM was never my strength. I can’t wait to see where I am 30 days from now… the concept with Insanity Asylum Sports Performance is brilliant. More details on INSANITY ASYLUM HERE!!! Tomorrow is Day 2 – Strength. Insane…

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