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How to Increase Results with P90X

How Do I Get Ripped?

Enhance muscle confusion… in combination with focused nutrition discipline, of course. Nutrition methodology will be discussed in a later blog post, although I strongly encourage you to join Team Beachbody for my recommendations specific to your current state, lifestyle and goals. The muscle confusion approach may range from developing a hybrid program with P90X to the incorporation of strategic supplemental weights to increase intensity and results from your workouts. That is, increased intensity typically correlates with ramp in metabolism and greater (often sustained) calorie burn. With that said, I recommend most P90X candidates follow the program as written for the first round. The modifications discussed here provide even more muscle confusion after your body begins to adjust to the program, P90X or otherwise.

How Do I Enhance Muscle Confusion with P90X?

Personally, I have had the most success implementing a weighted vest during most upper body and lower body workouts. More specifically, I found that a 20-lb weighted vest reduced my pull-up performance by almost 50% and challenged me for the range of pushup exercises found in the program… all while typically promoting muscle growth. I usually recommend the vest for those consistently exceeding 15+ reps on most pull-up exercises. However, adjustable vests allow you to transition gradually to the weight specific for challenging your workout performance. Incorporating eccentric or “negative” pull-up techniques with the vest can be particularly effective. I also found that ankle weights from 5-10lbs per ankle provided much-needed resistance to encourage my abs to “pop” with P90X… after all, you work out other muscles with weights to build lean mass while getting ripped, why not your abs?! Similarly, weighted gloves work well for Kenpo X or martial arts. Push-up stands also provide enhanced range of motion and greater intensity, especially in combination with a weighted vest. Further, push-up stands such as the Tony Horton design often reduce stress on the wrists to improve health and performance. Finally, I am a strong supporter of hybrid programs to promote muscle confusion for accelerated results. Dependent on your specific goals, my hybrids range from bulking to lean mass gain focus to schedules that get you ripped fast with strategic interval cardio discipline. Again, nutrition and supplementation are also important to maximize results. Contact me for more details to get started at

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