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Health Tips for Busy Dad


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Maintain focus on my health regardless of busy lifestyle. This is critical…




I have found that the older I get, the less time I have for myself due to a busy lifestyle. Busy has included college, graduate school, work with significant responsibilities, travel, owning a home, and now children. Yes, it’s true, my first son is now 8 months old and I have come to realize that I did not know the meaning of busy lifestyle. All those Dad’s (or Mom’s) out there know exactly what I am talking about… it is an honor to focus on someone other than myself now that I have a son, however, I find very little time to maintain my healthy lifestyle.  The importance of maintaining good health and wellness through proper nutrition and exercise is obvious, as your health certainly impacts your ability to survive (and thrive) in a challenging environment. Health also allows you to enjoy life and get the most out of your time with friends and family, while taking care of those you love. That’s why flight attendants will always tell you on airplane flights to put on your oxygen mask first in case of an emergency, so that you can then help children and others. You are not as effective if you are not healthy. With that said, sometimes you have to make sacrifices and leverage time management discipline to make healthy choices related to fitness and nutrition, regardless of your busy lifestyle. This is critical…


My Sacrifice. For me, for example, I found the best way to make sure that I get my workouts done each day is to get up at 4:30AM before my son wakes up and also before I leave for work in the morning. With this approach I can control my exercise schedule. Yes, I dislike working out this early but I never know what will happen during the course of a day. Without consistent exercise it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is my sacrifice.


Five Health Tips for Busy Dad –


1)      Exercise. Find a time in your schedule to consistently exercise at least 5 days per week. The best approach is to keep the same time each day. You do not have to get up in the middle of the night to exercise (like me), other options may include your lunch hour at work or after the kid’s go to bed.  Find a structured workout program that takes the guesswork out of your exercise in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. I am a big fan of P90X, although there are numerous at-home options that work well for all fitness levels and interests. For those that are very limited on time available, I recommend 10-Minute Trainer. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes a day!! Most of these programs come with structured nutrition guides to drive your nutrition decisions. Take advantage.


2)      Nutrition. Poor nutrition is often a consequence of a busy lifestyle. Late nights, eating out and meeting rooms full of unhealthy snacks and drinks. There is no doubt that nutrition is absolutely critical for a healthy lifestyle. You can exercise every week for a year, but if your diet is unhealthy you will not see or feel the results of your hard work. I recommend always carrying around healthy snacks such as protein bars, trail mix, raw almonds and jerky (watch the sodium). Focus on complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and vegetables. Avoid unhealthy desserts, unless you practice an occasional cheat meal. If you have time available, an online food tracking program can be used to confirm calories, macronutrient ratios and nutrient timing consistent with your goals. CLICK HERE for additional tips for general nutrition and health while busy or during the holidays.


3)      Supplements. I highly recommend a good multivitamin and Core Omega 3’s for healthy heart and body function. For those looking for a nutritious meal replacement or snack idea for a busy lifestyle, one serving of Shakeology will provide daily vegetable requirements. I bring the packets with me everywhere for the fastest, healthiest meal of the day.


4)      Liquid Consumption. Water is critical for maximum performance and well-being. I recommend at least half gallon to gallon of water per day, of course dependent on your exercise discipline. If you do not drink enough water, your muscles and joints will be impacted and there will be less tendency to flush toxins from your body. Drink your water people! Also, of course, limit soda and alcohol consumption.


5)      Sleep. Perhaps one of the most important, but challenging factors for those living a busy lifestyle is getting enough sleep. This is one area where I am challenged, especially when getting up so early for my workout regiment. With that said, there are numerous studies that demonstrate the impact of sleep on muscle growth, for example, indicating lack of sleep inhibits muscle repair and growth mechanisms. It is recommended to get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night, if possible. More on the importance of rest and recovery HERE.


Well there you have it, five health tips for a busy Dad.


For fitness and nutrition tips while on the road for travel, CLICK HERE.


Coming soon… health tips for stay at home parent!


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