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Fun at Beachbody HQ and Muscle Beach


I was recently in California for 3 full days of personal development training, which included the opportunity to use my day off to visit Beachbody Headquarters as well as the famous, original “Muscle Beach” in Santa Monica!! It was an amazing experience… Although I have been a successful Coach with Team Beachbody for almost 6 years, this was my first visit to Beachbody Headquarters. We were provided a tour of the facilities, fitness centers and even had the opportunity to make a shake at the Shakeology bar available to Beachbody employees! When we entered the 3rd floor reception area from the elevator, the first thing we noticed was the mission of Beachbody –

“Help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life.”

This is very powerful and a strong reminder for what we do as Team Beachbody Coaches! The same mission statement can be seen when leaving for the day in the elevator. Very cool.

Beachbody Headquarters Reception Area

Part of the tour included the famous Shakeology Wall that shows the actual 70+ ingredients found in the superfood formula from around the world. This was awesome for me as I have been a religious user of Shakeology the past years with insane results in my health and fitness transformation!

Mike Shakeology Wall Beachbody Headquarters

We also had the opportunity to tour the fitness centers within Beachbody Headquarters where test groups are conducted for new programs in addition to being used as a studio for recording product reviews, trainer interviews and testimonials. The sets for some of the famous workout programs are also found in the facilities.

Mike Beachbody Headquarters

We concluded the tour with visits to the offices of the Executive Team, Marketing & Sales, Product Development, Technology and other departments. It was an honor to to be able to meet many of the “behind-the-scenes” people and departments critical in my success for helping others achieve their health, fitness and financial goals with Beachbody solutions! After the tour of Beachbody Headquarters we headed down the street to the famous, original Muscle Beach!!

Original Muscle Beach

This was exciting for me as I have team members that regularly spend time on Muscle Beach doing insane beach workouts with the range of equipment installed in the sand. Muscle Beach has a rich history in the bodybuilding community. I have been waiting for years to try some of the body weight exercises including the climbing ropes, rings, handstand moves, parallel bars and other equipment!

Muscle Beach

Climbing rope with my Beachbody Coach Team…

Rope Climb Muscle Beach

Mike Rope Climb Muscle Beach

Fun on the rings with Beachbody Coach – Nick Husin, “Mr. Muscle Beach” Champion 2014!! Coming to a Las Vegas show near you… NOT… (I need to practice keeping my head up, harder than I thought while spinning:)

Finally, my attempt at the rings on Muscle Beach. I definitely need to practice more, it is ALL about technique and grip!!


I am looking forward to heading back to Muscle Beach soon to spend more time practicing my technique!

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