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Focus T25 and Beachbody Coach Summit Recap


T25 Workout SummitIt has been a busy two weeks since the Team Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas. There were a lot of exciting announcements this year including the release of Shaun T’s new workout program called Focus T25 in addition to the new Vanilla flavor for Beachbody’s flagship nutritional innovation, Shakeology! I have spent the last two weeks test driving the Alpha, Beta and Gamma phase workouts for T25 as well as several Vanilla Shakeology recipes. I have been impressed with both!

Focus T25 is an amazing program. The concept is to leverage a lot of the success of Insanity into a much shorter workout program that can get 100% results in ONLY 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. It is the perfect solution for those like myself with busy schedules and T25 is considered ideal for stay-at-home parents. The fast paced T25 workouts are designed to help get the results of a much longer workout in less time. No breaks unless needed! There is someone in all workouts that performs a “modifier” move with less intensity, but still developed for excellent results. The program is therefore suitable for a wide range of fitness levels.

T25 is composed of Alpha, Beta and Gamma phases. The Gamma phase is an add-on to the base program and really focuses on mostly resistance moves. Right up my alley. Alpha and Beta phases were designed to build a strong foundation for total-body fitness while engaging the core in compound movements to accelerate results. The base program includes Alpha and Beta phases running 60 days in length.

I have tried several workouts from each phase and I have been pushed to the limits, and, yes, in only 25 minutes. A lot of the moves are compound in nature meaning that multiple muscle groups are engaged throughout the workouts simultaneously. New cardio moves also challenge different muscle groups relative to existing programs on the market. I also like the “burnout” series found at the end of some of the sets to fatigue the muscles, which is where most of the growth and progress occurs. The work doesn’t begin until you get tired. My favorite workouts thus far are the Gamma Workouts including EXTREME CIRCUIT and THE PYRAMID. The Rip’T Circuit in Beta is also one of my favorites.

Here is a pic of me at the T25 workout live (look for the black TEAM RAGE shirt) at the Coach Summit and video that I captured with Shaun T!

T25 Workout Coach Summit

Also check out my picture with Tania from T25 and the Insanity workouts. She had some amazing results with T25 after her pregnancy and was a pleasure to meet in person.

Insanity Tania Summit
The T25 Challenge Pack, which combines T25 with Shakeology, has also been in high demand with the $90 savings promo for July! This a great deal for those looking to get in shape in only 25 minutes a day. The Challenge Pack comes with Shakeology nutrition to promote optimal results.

Vanilla Shakeology LaunchedThe new Vanilla flavor was announced at Summit this year and has been VERY popular since the release that weekend! I recall the 2010 Coach Summit where CEO Carl Daikeler said that vanilla flavor can’t be done without compromising the integrity of the product. Well, it took several years but Beachbody found a natural source to live up to the Shakeology brand… It is my new favorite flavor and I have yet to find a recipe I do not like. Sometimes I mix just with plain water and I like the taste. Anyway, if you are interested in T25 and Shakeology check out the Challenge Pack promotion through the end of the July and we will get you added to one of my private support groups!

There were many other amazing moments at Summit including spending quality time with many of my TEAM RAGE coaches, recognition parties to celebrate successes, John Maxwell keynote to discuss personal development and growth (this was priceless to me), as well as more time with the celebrity fitness trainers including live workouts. Below is a picture with Body Beast trainer Sagi Kalev, who helped me gain 12 pounds muscle mass in 90 days at lower body fat percentage, in addition to a short video from his live workout.

Sagi Kalev Summit 2013

I had the honor at Summit to be recognized for some accomplishments that mean a lot to me and I thank Beachbody for the opportunity as well as my family and TEAM RAGE coach team. Life is good.

7000 Coaches WorkoutHere are some pictures from the Superworkout live at 6:30AM on the Vegas strip… it was insane. The workout was an hour and a half with many of the celebrity trainers taking turns pushing us in the Vegas heat. Oh, and there were over 7000 coaches in attendance! Wow, some people in the surrounding hotels had an early wake-up call:)

Tony Horton P90X3?…

Horton Summit SuperWorkout

Shaun T Focus T25…

Shaun T Summit SuperWorkout

Les Mills Combat martial arts…

Combat Summit SuperWorkout

Chalene Johnson TurboFire…

Chalene Summit SuperWorkout

Life is good. As always, please let me know how I can help… Rage. Become a Machine.


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