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Faces of Workouts! Video Fitness Demo Ideas


Faces Of Workouts



Check out some of my ideas for taking your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL! Workout videos below include cardio, resistance and recovery using a range of workout programs and disciplines. Contact me today to get started on YOUR workout and nutrition plan to dial in YOUR health and fitness for YOUR ultimate goals. Join my Team Rage online support system, we are fitness family (check out TESTIMONIALS here!) Email: Let’s do this!!




Team support and #TeamChallenges push you outside of your comfort zone and help drive health and fitness results for your #goals💪 I have been adding monthly one week #TeamRage challenges to our existing DVD/streaming workouts and nutrition plans. These challenges include a target exercise to improve specific functional movements and muscles (beginner, intermediate and advanced options), while also eliminating a bad habit and adding good habits to accelerate progress and health. It works! The results have been amazing for the Team and I have seen significant improvements myself. #AlwaysLearning – Tomorrow begins our next One Week Team Challenge — Burpees and Meditation… two things that go together, right? Ha… message me to get the details. Let’s do this! #JoinTheTeam #YouOweYou #PushYourself #BurpeeChallenge #Meditation #HowIGotRipped

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#CoreDeForce #Sweepstakes MMA Speed at Team Rage home gym!!

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#BeastUp #CircleFlys #feeltheburn🔥

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Woke up today 40 years old. Google search says 40 years old is considered “the single age most representative of midlife”. Midlife? Well, I don’t know about all that, after all, my Grandpa is almost 104! And, loved ones have sadly passed much, much sooner. What I do know is that on my 40th Birthday today I logged workout #1700 over the last 8 years. This number includes the 6-month break I took off last year with lower back disc herniation. So, even with that, over the last 8 years that averages consistent 4 workouts / week (likely closer to 5 in reality). I am not perfect and I have challenges, but even if I am entering the second half of my life, what I do know is that I MUST keep up with my health and fitness. For me. For my family. Controlling the controllable. This is what 40 looks like, STRONGER every day!! #NoMidlifeCrisisHere #BringOn50 #JustKeepMoving #HowIGotRipped #YouOweYou

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Don’t smash your face, they say! Happy Monday and happy day 1 of our #TeamRage Balance No Junk Challenge. So I was pretty tired this morning, up late watching some football as fantasy football playoffs wind down next week or so. I started off with the crane/crow balance challenge and definitely have A LOT of room for improvement. Not my strength at all around 20 seconds (and form is not perfect, but good enough to see relative balance progress). I realized I am better off doing this later in the day next time as i was way to cold/stiff for this move. We will see what happens Wednesday, but I would love to hit 1 Minute by the end of the week!! Rage. Become a Machine. #ProgressNotPerfection #yoga UPDATE: see comment below for updated times for the rest of the week, goal achieved!!

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