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Don’t Be a Hacker! How to Carve Chicken, Pineapple, Broccoli and Apple (Videos)



Food Cutting Tips



Don’t be a hacker!!


The proper way to carve and cut foods can be art and science for many people in order to get the most quality food from the process without sacrificing presentation. Honestly, you don’t want me personally to carve your chicken or pineapple, but my wife Julia is AMAZING carving and cutting foods to feed our family and friends. In the videos below Julia demonstrates the proper way to carve and cut some of the foods we get the most questions about from those health conscious fans including chicken, pineapple, broccoli and apple. All of this can be done with a knife, no fancy “As Seen on TV” gadgets needed!



Chicken is perhaps the number one food that people “hack” when trying to cut to serve for meals. And we all know that chicken is one of the most popular meals for those into health and fitness. Here is the step-by-step process for properly carving a chicken!





Even though they are delicious, many people avoid pineapples because they don’t know how to properly cut them. True story. Others have said they don’t like the “prickly skin”. Ha. Well anyway, cutting a pineapple does not have to be hard or painful. Julia demonstrates how to get it done in this short video. Easy, right? Enjoy!


First twist off the top of the pineapple. Next, cut off each end to form a cylinder. Using the core circle as a guide, slice into quarters. Remove the core section from the quarter, then slice the pineapple flesh away from the prickly skin. Lastly, cut the fruit into spears or chunks. 





Broccoli appears to be simple to cut, however, most people ignore one of the better parts of the broccoli… THE STEM! Yes, the stem. You can’t just eat the stem “as-is”, Julia shows how to preserve the best part of the stem for snacks or meals.


Cut and remove florets. Cut (or peel) off tough outer portion of the broccoli stem. Slice inner portion into sticks or rounds for healthy dip such as hummus or stir fry. 





Apples are another popular snack for those focused on clean eating and health. Did you know apples provide caffeine boost via the high levels of natural sugars? One medium apple is reported to have similar “sugar rush” to a 12 ounce soda, providing a healthier way to get a boost.


Cut apple in quarters. Insert a sharp paring knife into the crescent-shaped area in the core. Tilt knife towards yourself and the entire crescent will pop out, removing the seeds and leaving only the eatable apple flesh.





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