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Day 4 Complete – INSANITY Fast and Furious

How Do I Get Ripped?

Day 4 INSANITY Fast and Furious done. Love this workout. For those that don’t know, INSANITY is the most intense cardio conditioning ever put to DVD. Seriously. No joke. The concept leverages interval cardio techniques to ramp heart rate for sustained periods followed by rest. Rinse and repeat. The interval method has been proven to enhance metabolism and calorie burn for long periods AFTER completion of the workout (up to 24 hours or more). Ultimately, in combination with proper nutrition and rest, you can get RIPPED!

The Fast and Furious workout actually started off as the bonus workout that is bundled when you buy the INSANITY program through a Team Beachbody Coach, like myself! It is now available on an individual basis. The workout is only 20-minutes long, but REALLY challenging. The trainer – Shaun T – even has to rest during the workout! It is a great workout for those with limited time looking for results, especially recommended for those frequent travelers.

The workout was awesome today. Just what I needed. Made it through Fast and Furious without breaks and felt exhausted by the end. Shaun T even says after the workout… something to the effect of how he is not trying to kill you, just help you kill yourself. Good stuff. For those looking for a challenge, check out the INSANITY series from Beachbody. I actually enjoy mixing P90X, INSANITY and other programs to get the best from each approach. Tomorrow is Chest, Shoulders and Arms.

Rage. Become a Machine.

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