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Day 30 Complete – Core Cardio & Balance and Steam Engines

How Do I Get Ripped?

Day 30 INSANITY Core Cardio and Balance done. This is a recovery week in my lean mass gain hybrid schedule. Core Cardio and Balance is a less intense version of some of the INSANITY interval cardio routines. Excellent workout. I also had to do 130 steam engine ab moves from P90X… this is related to a weekly NFL challenge we have on TEAM RAGE. For this week, it was total score of Bears – Packers game x 10 for total reps of steam engines from P90X. One rep equals one knee to elbow each side. Last time we did this I had to do 690 so 130 was no problem! Good stuff. I was able to wear my new Ipod Shuffle without issues today so that was awesome. Also, I used my new Magic Bullet blender after the workout for a strawberry protein smoothie for recovery. In addition, I finished the book entitled, “Failing Forward” today by John Maxwell. Awesome read and puts “failure” in perspective. The requirement of failure and what you do to learn from mistakes is an important concept. Highly recommended reading. The next book I will begin is Tony Horton’s “Bring It!” Can’t wait…. tomorrow is Core Synergistics workout from P90X. By the way, I gained 2.5 pounds lean muscle in the first 30 days. My goal is well within reach!

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