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Day 3 Complete… Back, Legs and Waist!

How Do I Get Ripped?

Day 3 Back, Legs and Waist bodybuilding workout done! Great workout, although I almost did not have enough time this morning to finish all movements because of a 6AM conference call for work. Man, that is TOO early for conference calls! Regardless, I finished the workout and jumped on the call full of sweat…

So, the Back, Legs and Waist workout was killer ranging from weighted pullups to weighted abs. I had the weighted vest plus more weight for pullups (up to 70lb+ last set) and ankle weights for abs. I also loved hitting these muscles and really enjoyed the mix of leg movements targeted between the back and waist exercises. This hybrid schedule is insane and I am already REALLY sore after 3 days… muscle confusion! Of course I finished the workout with P90X Results and Recovery Formula and then Shakeology for a healthy breakfast. Love it. Tomorrow is INSANITY Fast and Furious… 20 minutes of INTENSE interval cardio. Let’s do this! 


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