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Day 2 Complete – P90X One-on-One Ab Ripper X 2

How Do I Get Ripped?

Well, today went much better with the 5AM workout (probably had something to do with no Captain Morgan and more sleep). I forgot to mention that I work out at 5AM now since I have a newborn at home. Although I personally prefer afternoon or evening workouts when possible, I just never know what will happen when I get home. I need to be flexible. Morning workouts will ensure that I maintain a consistent schedule. However, I find that pre-workout stretching and nutrition becomes even more important at 5AM. So…

Day 2 of my new lean mass gain hybrid done. For those that don’t know, Ab Ripper X 2 (ARX2) is from the new P90X One-on-One series. The premise of P90X One-on-One is for Tony Horton – developed of P90X – to experiment with new moves and combinations for the next P90X series to be released tentative Fall 2011 under the name P90X:MC2. MC stands for muscle confusion, which is the science behind the success of P90X. It is expected that the general public will then have input into the next installment of P90X. Cool stuff! The P90X One-on-One workouts are generally more challenging than P90X, although several modifications are typically presented for each movement. So…

ARX2 is the sequel to the popular Ab Ripper X DVD, which is difficult enough as a stand-alone. ARX2 takes the routine to a whole new level. The workout actually takes 45 minutes relative to 15 minutes for Ab Ripper X. Also, ARX2 provides focused core exercises similar to Core Synergistics from P90X. Anyway, I am probably confusing (boring) a lot of people… you just need to know that I had a great workout! There are 21 exercises generally between 20 and 30 repetitions per exercise targeting the abs and core from different angles. Truly is a great workout and I am already sore including hip flexors. For those interested in more details on P90X One-on-One, please contact me or check out the Team Beachbody Store. Tomorrow is a Back, Legs and Waist bodybuilding routine.


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