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7,020+ Extra Hours with Family Over 3 Years

      Average 260+ days/year at work x 3+ years since retiring from corporate job x 9+ hours/day I used to spend at work = 7,020+ extra...

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Beware – How I Got Frostbite on a Hot Summer Day !

    Seriously. I got frostbite in the middle of summer on our annual family fishing trip. A sunny, 85-degree day. No wind. How is that...

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Life in Retirement

    I get a lot of questions on how our family is doing now that I am retired. Today marks my 2-month Anniversary since officially...

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A New Year Perspective

  Wow. Today is already New Year’s Eve and of course a day of reflection for most people. First off, Happy New Year’s Eve and...

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The Beachbody Solution


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All About Team Beachbody and How I Can Help!

How Do I Get...

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How Do I Get Ripped? Well, here we are… beginning the second full week of 2011! Hard to believe. So, what are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?...

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Road Warrior Discipline

  How Do I Get Ripped?   Maintain your discipline while on the road!     I get a lot of questions with regards to recommendations for...

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