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Body Beast TEMPO:Chest/Tris Review

How Do I Get Ripped?

TEAM RAGE!! Wow. What was THAT all about?!? Haha. Love it. I have done TEMPO workouts before but this one was really a challenge… Body Beast TEMPO:Chest/Tris. Awesome. I did very well and look forward to this one again now that I know the weights to use. The workout was approx. 50 minutes and consisted of a series of single and super sets leveraging the TEMPO discipline of slow, controlled movements to take advantage of concentric and eccentric (negative) contractions. Most of the single sets used sets of 15 reps (6 sec down, 6 sec up), 12 reps (6 sec down, 3 sec up) and 8 reps (3 sec down, 3 sec up). The exercises included flat bench press, incline press, incline fly, skullcrusher triceps, tricep kickback and dips. Every series ended with some abs focus. My favorite ab movement was EZ bar crunch (used 70-lbs). The last move of TEMPO:Chest/Tris was plank twist-twist. Killer. This is one of my favorite new workouts. P90X Recovery Formula down. Shakeology accountability – Tropical Breeze – 1 scoop Tropical Shakeology, 1 cup coconut milk, ½ cup strawberries, 1 orange, peeled and divided in segments, ½ banana and ice to taste. Rage. Become a Machine.

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