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Better Cardio Endurance = A BETTER Martial Artist


By: Steven Grogan – TEAM RAGE Contributing Author

MMAIn the world of martial arts, a practitioner’s cardio training can be just as important as their level of strength. Look at the average mixed martial art tournament: even if one fighter doesn’t have the power to hit as hard as their opponent, the match can still be theirs if they have better endurance. Some styles participate in form (or kata) competitions. A high endurance level will help a martial artist execute their techniques properly. Therefore, it is in a martial artist’s best interest to find a cardio workout that will help them achieve their goals.

Cardio training is done in short sets called intervals. Traditional interval training consists of someone spending several minutes of low-level exercise followed by short bursts of intense activity. In the last few years, a style of cardio workout has developed where that equation is flipped: several minutes of intense exercise, followed by short recovery phases. This has been dubbed max interval training.

The simple act of reversing the long and short sections has completely revolutionized cardio workouts. In periods as little one month, people who do max interval training have noticed dramatic increases in their stamina. Also, these kinds of workouts help people avoid the plateau effect because seeing results makes a person want to push harder, and of course pushing harder means more results…which makes them push harder…which means more results…and so on.

Many of you have probably realized how much you need a workout like this. However, very few people have done anything to meet this need. Why? Because martial artists are people too, and they face two very big problems that plague everyone when it comes to fitness: time and money.

How do you work an exercise routine into your hectic schedule? You’re already busy enough practicing your forms and techniques! Then there is the money issue: your school’s tuition is a hefty bill on its own. Shelling out extra for a gym membership might be a little too much for you…and if you can’t come up with an effective workout on your own, then that means digging deeper into those pockets for a personal trainer who can help you develop something.

Fortunately, there is an answer.


I have found a great program that gave me the exact cardio solution I needed without the inconvenience of a gym or the expense of a personal trainer. I work out from home, on MY schedule, and each workout is 60 minutes or less. I don’t waste time driving to a gym or having to work around a trainer’s schedule. I just press play on my DVD player at a time that is convenient for me.

The program I use (and highly recommend, by the way) is called Insanity. You may have heard about it from a friend. I have to tell you that it is the best workout I’ve ever done. I remember going to my martial arts class after I had completed 30 days (only half) of the program. We ran through a drill that left all my other classmates winded, but I hadn’t even broken a sweat.

What was the only difference between my classmates and I?

I was doing Insanity, and they weren’t.

Steven Grogan is a married father of four and a native of Troy, NY. He is an Independent Beachbody Coach with P90X Certification. Steven got into the martial arts when he was a senior in high school focused on judo. Then he transferred to a school that was billed as “Shaolin kung fu,” but it was more like a wushu school. Then, finally, he found his calling in 1995 when he came across Cichon’s Wing Chun in Albany, NY. Find Steven on Facebook at or visit his website at!

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