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Asylum 2 Review – Upper Elite


Insanity Asylum 2 Upper Elite done! Today I pressed play on another Asylum 2 workout, and here is my Upper Elite Asylum 2 Review

Upper Elite Asylum 2 Review

The Upper Elite workout is  appoximately 60 minutes and a challenging TOTAL body experience. I enjoyed the ride. Ha. In fact, for me, Upper Elite has been the most difficult workout for my Asylum 2 Review that I have done (still not as challenging as Asylum Volume 1 Vertical Plyo or GameDay though, from my perspective). The workout consists of warm-up, stretch, numerous circuits of total body movements and then cool-down with stretch. I really liked the use of the agility ladder as well as a lot of resistance moves with dumbbells. The orginal Insanity program is lacking serious resistance training with the exception of the Deluxe workout.

Asylum 2 Review

Asylum 2 Review

 Asylum 2 Review – A closer look at Upper Elite

During the warm-up you get a sneak peak of what is to come in Upper Elite with an agility ladder sequence that includes pushups and shoulder tap-out that really works the core muscles. I think my previous experience with P90X , P90X2 and Insanity really helped with these exercises. The speed jump rope was also leveraged at the beginning used as both a jump rope and resistance tool. Shaun T then moves on to the bulk of the workout with a sequence of numerous circuits. For example, the first part was characteristic and involves wide pushups in the agility ladder (split hands with 2 boxes in between), chest press rotation with dumbbell twist laying on ground (used 45-lb dumbbells), alternating dumbbell curls (35s), overhead tricep extension (25s) and 1 minute of alternating of even more pushup variations. Resistance moves typically target 12 reps each side. This is then followed with additional sequences using different variations of the above, mostly increasing the core engagement via plank moves, one arm adjustments to create imbalance and crunch modifications. I really liked the chest press movements with leg raise or reverse crunch, especially the one with chest fly combination with push press. The lower and upper 90 bicep exercises were challenging where you perform a partial move to focus on time under tension. The other compound series I liked took advantage of hammer curls to upright row and split leg shrugs. Cool stuff, and innovative. The final sequence was called “Burnout” for a reason… it was around 3-4 minutes progressively moving, with no break, to chest, biceps, overhead press, upright row, pyramid pushup and in & out abs with agility ladder, narrow hammer curl, overhead tricep extension, alternating bicep curl and tricep pushups down the agility ladder. Wow. I was definitely burned out!

Asylum 2 Review – Upper Elite Verdict

To summarize my Asylum 2 Review for Upper Elite, I am a big fan of the workout. I felt that my entire body was blasted and now that I know what general weights to use I am confident I will see gains with time. Asylum 2 is a great program and will be leveraged as a stand-alone but particularly effective in hybrids. Shakeology and P90X Results and Recovery Formula down. Much needed. Rage. Become a Machine. Let me know what YOU think of my Insanity Asylum 2 Review!


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