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A New Year Perspective


Wow. Today is already New Year’s Eve and of course a day of reflection for most people. First off, Happy New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year my friends!  2013 is going to be an amazing year!

To be honest though, I am a bit on edge writing this blog post. You see, after much reflection myself, I feel strongly that 2012 has been one of the most challenging years of my life. In fact, I know it has been THE most challenging year of my life. A year filled with dramatic highs and unimagineable lows. Without going into too many details, just know that I have learned more than ever the fragility and uncertainty of life and the importance of friends and family… friends and family that are always there for you in a serious circumstance of need or exciting time of celebration. To me, I learned, the rest may be important, but really just noise. There are a lot of activities and time-consuming tasks that we focus on every day, but these activities may really just be required to enable the lifestyle that we truly want to live. Understanding our “Why” is important. For example, understanding what gets us out of the bed in the morning and what really makes us happy. Is it all of the latest technology or fashionable clothes? Maybe. But my sense is that none of that will be relevant when you are laying a close loved one to rest or welcoming a new addition to the family. What is your “Why”?

Importance of Health to Enjoy Family

Importance of Health to Enjoy Family (Sam and Daddy with “Happy” the balloon while sledding!)

A new perspective for me heading into 2013 is to focus on what is most important for me.  Of course I have many “resolutions” in mind for the New Year but most of those are really just focused on enabling my “Why” – my family. There are always opportunities to do better, and I am pledging to do just that this year. 

At the core of this process is maintaining a strong and healthy lifestyle that you can drive toward to the best of your ability. For example, it can be as simple as being in shape so that you can enjoy running your son around the backyard without compromises. Check out the photo with my son and “Happy” the balloon. How cool is that? Seriously. I can tell you I was NOT thinking about my new iPad mini or MacBook Pro or receiving a Financial Independence Award from Team Beachbody for my success in 2012 for my home-based business. I was in the moment and focused on enjoying time with my son (and that silly, silly balloon). I was thinking I was very fortunate to have a fitness level that allowed me to pull my son around the yard “again” and “again” as requested. Anyway, this perspective will mean different things for different people and will be dependent on your “Why”. Keep this in mind while developing your New Year’s resolutions.

With that, I encourage you to reflect on what will drive your behaviors in 2013. And, I encourage everyone to focus on their own health. Make it a top priority in YOUR New Year’s resolutions. Like they say during the safety training before airline flights, in the event of an emergency please put on your oxygen mask before helping others do the same. I see your (our) daily health initiatives in a similar light, although it is easy to forget when busy. I believe you must take care of yourself before you can really take care of other’s and enjoy the company of the people you love. Yes, this means fitness and nutrition. And, yes, this may mean making sacrifices to consistently drive toward your goals, like getting up at 4AM to get ‘er done. There are MANY options available so living a healthier lifestyle does not have to be painful or resentful. So simply find out what will help you stay focused and consistent in the New Year and get going on a plan of action to achieve wellness. As always, I am here to help and we have thousands of Team members worldwide joining me in the movement to live this lifestyle. Let me know if you would like to be successful together in 2013 and beyond. Let’s do this!

Okay, time to head out for some more sledding with my son (and the balloon:). Enjoy your New Year’s celebration my friend! Be safe and healthy. I will see you in 2013…



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